Controller for kids electric car 12 volt

Hi all, I want to share a review on a product purchased on the website AliExpress.

We are talking about the control unit or controller HY-RX-2G4-12V01 for children’s electric car BMW, 12 Volts frequency remote control 2.4 G, weight 200 grams.

Bought the unit for $ 695 rubles on Aliexpress here on this page arein local stores the price goes up to 2 thousand rubles, despite the fact that it is not available, you must wait at least two weeks.

The power controller came new, well packaged in bubble plastic and paper carton.

Outwardly all is whole, all the connectors are working (I have 7 antennae), the installation control unit HY-RX-2G4-12V01 simple. It is necessary to throw all the wires from your old controller for a new one, insert all the ports in turn.

Please be careful, there are connectors on pins 7 and 8 pins, they are different. The first time I was not careful and accidentally ordered not what was required.

When connecting the remote, it is desirable to synchronize again. Initially, the error was in this, we have installed but not rebooted, it just clicked, after the console turned off and clamped for a few minutes the sync button all successful work, the wheels on children’s electric cars began to respond to the command of turn left and right. It is also desirable to disconnect the battery during installation, discard one terminal.

Pleased free courier delivery to your door and delivery time is only 2 weeks in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Sterlitamak , the children are happy, that after half a year we found this unit with reasonable price and most importantly — it works! Still I can recommend this wooden railway and racing remote control cars.

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