Console Xiaomi MI 3 TV BOX with Android 8

Console to buy Xiaomi MI TV BOX 3 for 3655 rubles. The parcel was sent on 13 November 2018, and I received it December 10, 2018. Included HDMI cord, power supply, remote control without batteries to console herself. Took on Aliexpress here.

The contents

  1. Features and OS
  2. The problem
  3. Game
  4. Video

Features and OS

Characteristics of the following consoles: internal memory 8 GB, RAM 2 GB, processor ARM Cortex A53 up to 2 GHz 64-bits, the remote works via Bluetooth.

The dimensions of the consoles are about 10смХ10смХ2см and weight 176 grams. There is the ability to read USB flash drives, but you have to install a special application.

The device works on operating system Android TV 8.0, but at the first activation device is updated through Wi-Fi. And not always these updates are for the better. There are preloaded applications, but is useful only YouTube. You can install apps with play store and from third-party resources by checking the permissions of the installation from unknown sources.

The problem

In General, almost all the same as on the phone, but with one BUT. Not all apps are working fine on the phone, will also work well on your set-top box Xiaomi. Give a small example. UC Browser on the console, I immediately encountered a problem.

The browser window was rotated, that is, the entire menu was not horizontally but vertically, and to solve this problem I could not. Next problem, the app did not respond to the remote, but this problem at least is solved by connecting a mouse. In General not to look for complex ways, I downloaded the browser a specially sharpened under the TV console.

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Now note especially for fans to play — gamers. The console perfectly stood the legendary game GTA Vice City. The game runs perfectly, no brakes and lags. Don’t know whose it is a merit, optimizers or stuffing boxes, but fact is fact. But of course to properly play, you will need to purchase a joystick or aeromike.

In General, the comments to the console I have, everything works perfectly, its free!!. The only thing that bothers me about Xiaomi MI TV BOX 3 is that the remote is totally black and he was like a ninja blends with dark surfaces.

Again, I bought on Aliexpress from the official supplier of the brand, Xiaomi on this page.

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