Condenser microphone SF 666

I am a fan of one remarkable online game. The need arose in the voice communication and the microphone purchase.

As previously used and a standard clip, on headphones, not satisfied with the sound quality, I decided to use the website Aliexpress and purchase a condenser microphone.

Opted for SF 666, the assurance of the seller, a professional-Studio. The same advantage was considered that included is a tripod holder. However, it is not adjustable height, but the microphone itself you can rotate it to a comfortable position.

And appearance and price range, the model I most fit.

The purchase cost 10 $ here on this page Aliexpress. Delivery to the city of Eysk, Krasnodar region amounted to about four weeks. Track to track throughout the entire journey without problems.

The item came well packaged, in original box. On first inspection it looks durable and does not smell foreign smells. Microphone SF 666 — comfortable, is inserted firmly into the tripod holder.

This product is very pleased with its excellent sound quality and the lack of extraneous noise and backgrounds. Connector Jack 3.5 stereo, allowing you to connect it both to the laptop and to the phone without any adapters.

A bit short in the cord, 180 cm, but thick enough, can not be afraid of accidentally hitting, tear it. Sensitivity: -55 dB ± 2 dB. MIC length about fourteen inches, which is quite compact for this type of devices. The stand was very convenient and necessary.

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