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Reviews and testimonials:
Ready-made desktop PCs: all-in-one, servers and mini-PCs;
Components for Assembly: motherboards, processors, RAM, gaming graphics cards, SSD hard drives, enclosures and power supplies;
Related products: monitors, keyboards and mice, desktop speakers and full audio systems, external hard drives, Webcams, cables;
Peripherals: printers, scanners, graphics tablets, docking stations, modems and routers, set-top boxes, and more.
This page contains real reviews from real customers and users, and any visitor can add their own experiences.

The section will be of interest primarily to ordinary users, gamers who want to upgrade your computer or buy a new one, but prefer to save money by buying directly from the manufacturer.

Indeed, the newest products of such manufacturers as Samsung, Acer, Kingstone, Sony and many others can be purchased from official manufacturers in their stores on the Ali site. Needless to say, at lower prices than in the intermediary stores of your city. Often the price already includes free shipping, after-sales support and warranty.

And the components of such well-known manufacturers of quality products as Xiaomi, Orico and KingDian, it is impossible to find in conventional stores. At the same time, their quality at a fairly low cost is really at a very high level, often higher than many promoted brands.

Many experienced buyers collect computers from components, partially purchased in offline stores, and partially — in Chinese. Thus, it is possible to achieve an excellent price/quality ratio. The choice is really chic and perhaps for this it is worth waiting for the parcel?

Often, some «exotic» products can not be found even in the online stores of the city, such as a Board with Thunderbolt-connectors or, for example, a docking station for HDD-a lot of options.

Well, for those who like to show off to friends or special aesthetes, there are many options to stand out unusual and original keyboard, mouse with Mat, speakers… this Chinese manufacturers ahead of the planet.

Mini PCs and all-in-ones

If monoblock-is not uncommon even in offline retail outlets, the minicomputers are still very rare. If you manage to find one for sale, it will be not more than 2, 3 variants of one manufacturer or «custom».

On Aliexpress presented a large number of such PCs and, due to the growth of demand, every month the number of models is growing.

By purchasing ready-made computers and components in Chinese stores, the buyer can count not only on the low price, but also on the guarantee, the subsequent support and a huge range of products, with the opportunity to read the reviews of already held customers. It’s all from the comfort of home and without annoying consultant, often recruited by the announcement of the students.