Comparison of action cameras: GoPro Hero 7 vs Xiaomi Yi

Decided before the summer season to change the action camera for our family outings at the sea, in the mountains, Hiking. Our old Xiaomi Yi no longer cope with their responsibilities, plus seriously there was a question about buying a stabilizer (which costs as much as a new camera). Ordered on Aliexpress a new GoPro Hero Black 7.

Took her for 26 000 rubles, chose a very trusted seller with good reviews and a large number of orders (the amount is still rather big). Here is a direct link to it on Ali.

Communicative seller, answered all the questions. Even got a discount, I managed to save a little. This issued pay shipping, but it came. A week and a Half had the camera on us.

The packaging is intact, the camera intact. I will not be sprayed all the technical features in the figures, is more about convenience and advantage over other cameras in the first place, the comparison with Xiaomi Yi.

The contents

  1. The difference
  2. Water resistance
  3. Lens and housing
  4. Battery and Wi-Fi
  5. App
  6. Conclusion

The difference

Stabilization is clearly winning before the old Xiaomi Yi. Ran with her through the mountains, the picture stabiliziruemost good (not perfect, but still). Has a touch display so you can easily see that filmed.

The old camera didn’t, but you can connect the camera via wifi and watch all the footage in the phone. Not very comfortable, one of the reasons why the choice fell on GoPro Hero 7 Black.

Water resistance

The camera is waterproof, it is safe to dive without graphics, BUT in fresh water. Since we live in the Crimea, and primarily dive and film in the sea — had to order more and the graphics for Gopro with Aliexpress.

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The quality of the box is not much paid attention, the main thing — to minimize the ingress of salt water on camera. Already tried it in the sea — everything is fine, the picture is clear. Tried it in fresh water without model with camera all right. After diving it is better to wipe the camera from excess moisture.

Lens and housing

The camera lens has a protective glass (if anything — it can be changed). In the previous it was not like this, worried to scratch the lens, bought a bunch of silicone covers with the caps, so as not to scratch in your pocket or backpack. But the GoPro just in case I ordered one case.

One fall she already had, on the protective glass and the camera angles appeared visible scratches. But it is action camera on it and is designed. Fall and Wudang to its functionality and operation does not work.

On the front panel also has a small screen and shows the level of battery charging, recorded pictures or video. On old it was not, often, instead of photos, it was recording and Vice versa (or time discharged the battery as the charge can be viewed only on the phone or by color of the backlight. Also influenced the choice.

Voice control. Not really influenced our decision, but a nice bonus. Basically use «GoPro off», others have not tried (but it’s nice that they are).

Battery and Wi-Fi

The battery lasts long, we don’t have enough travel (1220 mAh). Because ordered separately portable charger with 2 extra batteries.

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WIFI connectivity, Bluetooth. It is possible to stream on Facebook (don’t use, but a nice bonus). 4K video in difference from Xiaomi Yi. Face detection. Vertical shooting. A photo-timer. Zoom just by touching the screen.


Downloaded the official app on the phone. Only filmed material — immediately the application is a convenient program for installation. No need to transfer the video to your computer, mount in sophisticated programs.

Everything can be done on the spot (whether you’re at sea, in the mountains, in the woods without a computer and Internet connection). Excellent records sound, suppresses background noise in comparison with the old camera Xiaomi Yi. Photo 12 MP.


Very happy with purchase, action camera GoPro Hero 7 a dependable and functional just happy. Video footage weighs a lot more than Xiaomi Yi, can only drawback. Need more memory card of large volume. This is our 4th action camera.

If you lead an active lifestyle and record all their attacks on the camera, you need ease of use and picture quality — it is better to overpay, but then not to bother, that the model is outdated, no updates, the picture has deteriorated, hard to hear etc.

Again, I bought GoPro Hero 7 Black on Aliexpress here on this page.