Comb-hair straightener Hair Straightener Fast HQT-906

This comb straightener brand Hair Straightener Fast HQT-906 I bought six months ago. Just when I started to grow hair.

While their length will not be below the shoulders, I have very badly twisted and will not listen, therefore, without an assistant in the form of equalizer of the rectifier I can not do.

I think that this problem is faced by many, and I want to say that this comb can easily cope with it. But there is one «but»: for very thick hair, it will not work. Tried it on my friend on her rich nature of hair, almost imperceptible.

The contents

  1. Link — where to buy
  2. Manual — how to use
  3. The quality of straightening curls
  4. Cons and disadvantages

Link — where to buy

Bought on Aliexpress here on this page. The delivery lasted three weeks. Packaging from seller was very thick (good for protection of goods), factory packaging, under it was undamaged.

I got the device a rectifier HQT-906 pink. Looks simple and stylish, nothing unusual. Immediately noticed that the cord is pretty long (measured specially — 155 cm) and is protected against twisting.

Manual — how to use

Turning their acquisition into the outlet, I for a few seconds surprised. The display lit up with the word «OFF», then turned off.

«Well, all that poweranimals» — I thought. But it turned out that this nuance says nothing, just need to press the power button on the side and the display will work as it should.

In terms of convenience, it is at a decent level: a small (but more is needed), shows the temperature in the heating process (accumulates by one degree) and the result — set by me value. You can see everything clearly.

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Adjustable temperature from 180 to 320 degrees.

To a maximum value of the ceramic plate in the form of cloves heat for 3-4 minutes. Seems fast, but when in a hurry, patience is not enough. By the way, the red balls on these plates are not warmed up, stay cool.

Now go to the main point, which I decided on this purchase…

The quality of straightening curls

The description stated that the brush was not dry hair and prevents them electrified. Besides, it is absolutely not harmful to them, and Vice versa — has a beneficial effect.

Well, I would agree with that. Even though I always use a heat-protective styling products, but remember my previous irons hurt the hair, even in this situation.

This brush for six months of regular use, I have no split ends or excessive hair loss or other troubles.

Straighten the hair quickly, and most importantly — comfortable. You can easily achieve a volume effect. On the handle there are 2 vertical convex strips, that was not slip in the hand.

The styling really looks attractive and lasts a long time.

Cons and disadvantages

Of the minuses combs-rectifier note on your view of the following:

  • No loops for hanging. Some time kept this straightener in the bathroom on the washing machine. During washing we have it’s a little shaky, and twice comb with a crash fell on the floor. But if not for this moment, I would have never known there is another advantage: strong shocks did not affect the performance of the device.
  • Every time you start (both first and subsequent) stands out slightly burnt smell. Don’t know what it depends on, but also no effect.
  • Hair, after all, remain in the teeth of a comb and are accumulated there. To clean them is not very easy.
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Again, bought a comb for hair straightening temperature model Hair Straightener Fast HQT-906 on Aliexpress here at this link.