Column ZEALOT S5 — review and opinion

The dynamics of today’s smartphones already give loud enough and clear sound… mercilessly sada battery after hours of «musical pauses». In the presence of headphones at the adult end user questions arise, but teenagers love to show their musical tastes on the General public, plus to complete your collection of cool the device capabilities do not miss.

So my small stated desire to «Dedmoroz» Bluetooth speaker that is small, loud and cool. He needed it to smartphone Doogee.

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Photography specifically for the site

Promonitoriv online and offline stores mourned the range, sound quality and price from the category «aircraft wing». But Aliexpress, as always, has appear an abundance of suggestions, a variety of features and reasonable price of the speakers, which is not a pity to pay for a temporary fad.

The choice was made in favor of the ZEALOT S5 for several reasons:

  • speakers of this brand is already spinning on the Ukrainian market;
  • reviews for the most positive;
  • functional content of the product is consistent with the price of 11.77$ during sales, with discount store Aliexpress coupons and cashback.

In the end we have: compact column of cylindrical form, 7*8cm, weight – 200g, the top cover is plastic with slits, the lower part is rubberized button switch, which was discovered only after watching the video review ZEALOT S5. Ordered on the official page of Zealot on Aliexpress here.

Metal perforated plate protects the side surface. On the bottom are the outputs of AUX, USB, DC5V and volume rocker. When turned on, and the settings chipper female voice in Chinese.. probably cursing that woke .

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Included is «snorease» with a length of about 20cm for charging speakers and connecting to different devices. By the way, promise, what works column is up to 10 hours, which ensures the battery is 2000mAh.

Setting the Bluetooth connection is running under a single device to catch the others – you need to first remove the speaker from the connected. From your smartphone Lenovo A2010 found and hooked up in 10 minutes and was pleasantly surprised – the sound is clear, bass is good, the volume is enough, pulls out even with the distance of the mobile on 10m. Reads USB sticks with MP3s. It is possible to configure a radio, but the FM frequency catches on «troechku».

The choice of color combinations – as much as 7 pieces! Our speaker is a discreet black, in the bag with the books to fit easily. 4 months is not broke and do not get crushed, despite almost daily trips to school.

The order was from China for more than 30 days (holidays and stuff), the packaging did not disappoint – tight package, cardboard box, luperci. Instruction, course, Chinese, but she did not need. Adapter to charge no, but it fits any smartphone or USB computer / notebook or power Bank.


Side view

The sound has pleased, a connection to «cinetube» is also worthy, but not so good catches FM radio… probably due to the lack of a telescopic antenna. However, in the catches is quite normal, problems in the country. Other drawbacks were noted, the child enjoys the pleasure of showing off in front of girls. To my Xiaomi Mi Max is also easily connected, so I sometimes take a column in rent.

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