Column with a great name TRONSMART ELEMENT BLAZE I ordered on Aliexpress on the official website of the manufacturer Transmart here.

Before that, of course, reviewed a lot of reviews in YouTube and reviews from the seller in China. One of the most useful video I have attached at the bottom of this review.

The contents

  1. Cool!
  2. Features
  3. Equipment
  4. Opinion
  5. Video


To say she looks great is to say nothing! Column Transmart looks very cool! It is moisture resistant with IPX56, so that you can leave under the rain:


The seller promises the following:

  • 2-channel stereo sound;
  • Wireless connection Bluetoth;
  • RMS power (nominal the decline in the quality 1% on the AFC) — up to 10 Watts;
  • The frequency from 80 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • Battery capable of providing up to 10 hours non-stop (depends on volume).


For some reason, many videos of people not having a complete hard shockproof carrying case. I have the same she was. Most likely, they took not the official TRONSMART.

  • The speaker itself;
  • Power cable and charging from USB;
  • Wire for common connections, not via Bluetooth on the standard 3.5 mm plug, like the headphone;
  • Manual and original box.


Column TRONSMART ELEMENT BLAZE feels fully complies with the specifications. On the sides there are the subwoofers, significantly enhancing the bass compared to other similar products.

I have connected it to your Xiaomi phone via bluetoth and 10-inch tablet BDF. In both cases, problems with the connection arose.

The bottom is rubberized strip, so she did not uslocal from the table while playing a powerful percussion instruments. And then there are bottom mount, similar to this, which is attached cameras and camcorders. You can buy tripod , mount on the bike for pennies on the same Ali:

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What of the minuses: there is only one that I found. Not included no shoulder strap. It would be fun to carry during Hiking, as previously worn receivers transistors «Tourist».

Overall, very happy with the purchase! Hardly would like to change it to something else.

Again, took it on Aliexpress on this page is the official brand.

P. S. by the Way, if you like to listen to this powerful and rich bass not only speakers, but with headphones, I advise to pay attention on phenomenal devices Bluedio Vinyl Plus!