Colorless marker blender for mixing colors

To create a quality sketch alcohol art markers must have a special colorless «zero» marker, the mixing of color – blender (or Blender 0 marker). I bought it on Aliexpress here.

Blender plays the role of solvent, when compared with oil painting. In watercolor is the same function performed by the water. 0-the token needed to perform smooth color transitions, mixing colors together.

I chose blender the same manufacturer, and your basic set colored markers – TouchFive. Ordered from Aliexpress at the end of November, free shipping to Samara 20 days. Because the flow of the blenders a large, ordered a set of two blenders (black and white) from 4 (2 sets). The price for the entire order – to 5.4 $ (360 rubles).

Both blender is absolutely the same characteristics, the only difference is the color of the packaging. Have two tip: «slim» and «chisel». The cover is very dense, with the opening tip side «chisel» a rod pulled out of the marker and to avoid premature drying, it is necessary to correct the tip, and then close the marker itself.

The photo shows how the color blur: the top bands of purple color made with a marker without a blender, mid – blurred after the application of color, the lower part of the sample drawn by the color «wet» — on top of the blender.


The blur effect is there, but to achieve a smoother border crossings it is necessary to act very quickly: dilute immediately after the application of color or paint color on top of just printed on the paper 0-color.

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The tip gets dirty, particularly when applied on top of bright colors. Cleaned just need to make a few touches on blank paper

Here is an example of a sketchdrawn with the use of 0-token. All the shadows, transitions on a cherry made using blender.

Happy with the purchase, after applying blenders drawings became more natural, similar to watercolor. Moreover, the price of blenders in Russia starts from 200 rubles per unit.