Colmi smart watches GT08 — disappointing

Watch bought from the seller, which bills itself as the official shop of the brand Colmi GT08 on aliexpress.

The package was delivered in 13 days from China, which is very pleasing. Shipping was quick, without much correspondence with the seller. The price at the time of purchase was 995 rubles, but cost me 722 ruble taking into account of coupon seller for 10$ 11.11 sales.

The contents

  1. Overview
  2. The sound and the screen
  3. Memory and OS
  4. Battery and settings
  5. Opinion
  6. Video


The ratio price/quality is adequate, bought in Aliexpress here. First impressions unboxing: box, cable included not original to the watch on the wrist are not reliable: the normal strap, it is hard to fix a metal piece in the hole on the strap.

After a detailed inspection of the outside revealed that the back cover is upside down, the inscription «colmi» upside-down. Removed the lid with difficulty, inserted a SIM card and a micro SD card, the speaker was covered by a sticker with a barcode that I, too, was confused.

The lid was closed the first time 10 minutes exactly, it was impossible to click close from all sides at the same time, somewhere in the corner still sticking out. There is a backlash, not build quality.

The sound and the screen

When you turn surprised by a very loud sound, the screen doesn’t respond well to touch, the man with his finger size, it would be difficult to poke at icons, about speed dial memos you can forget, keyboard besides that small a set as on the old push-button phones without t9, where every letter is necessary when pressed to choose from 3-4 presents.

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There is a front camera, the picture quality is, of course, leaves much to be desired, 0.2-0.3 megapixel, color pale, unsaturated.

Memory and OS

Without a memory card therefore it is impossible to do either the photo or keep anything private memory, free clock, no, 32 MB which are installed on the system, but it’s not Android!

No game is impossible to even install any third party application. To reflash the same is not possible, because the processor is «antediluvian».

Sync comes with the phone xiaomi and oneplus in the instructions to watch shows the bar code when scanning where the link to the app in playmarket.

The app is in English, without basic knowledge of the language is impossible to understand where you should click to sync, it was very difficult to understand where it was necessary to stick to at least earn something.

Another half hour and the sync happened on your watch receives notifications of incoming calls and messages on the phone. The challenges can be answered with hours, but much to the surprise of almost no sound (it is almost there), a microphone located in the top left corner of hours, if the watch is worn it is very difficult to wriggle to reply, even if you speak straight to a speaker interlocutor can barely make out the words.

To talk normally with these hours will not work. Notification received, the Bluetooth communications normal, stable, the clock can be used as a music player, the sound certainly leaves in this case much to be desired, but it is possible to deal with it.

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Battery and settings

The battery stated in the description to hours at 350 mAh, the fact is supposedly at 380 mAh, enough for a day of passive work, in about 15-16 hours. Each time anew it is necessary to set the date and time settings lose everything. About all the shortcomings wrote the seller a message, offered to return the money for the watch by paypal, the main thing that I didn’t open dispute and did not spoil his rating.

Although I suspect that such a watch was sent to me due to the cost of the product, supposedly at a discount and fake to send, that is certainly very unpleasant. From the seller a lot of orders, I don’t think he went bankrupt returning the value.


Overall a purchase I am not happy, because looking at the reviews of the product to a put 5* and they are satisfied. Complete coincidence of the description of the product and the fact that it is in fact, buying disappointed.

More from this seller to order nothing going. Remember it and don’t take anything from him: and better to take is really from an authorized representative, whom I found already after purchase, here But I have so spoil the overall impression about the smart watch that better next time I’ll just take fitness bracelet, like Xiaomi. But if you have a little more money, you better pay attention to these high-quality smart watch Xiaomi Amazfit, so they really worth it!