Collect cheap gaming PC on X79 Huanan in 2019

Powerful Chinese digital industry has dumped on the Chinese market a lot of waste in the powerful datacenters of server processors Xeon, and skilled businessmen have established their sale through Aliexpress for the whole world and one is known within China firm Huanan time to understand the potential profit and mobilesyrup your hand made brand new type of motherboards, allowing you to make home computers on the server components.

All this gave the opportunity for any igroman or just someone who wants a powerful computer, but he’s not enough to collect finally own the dream car for a long time and be proud of such ingenuity!

In this article we, chuckling gleefully in the direction of the owners of AMD and i7, to assemble a really powerful computer on the X79 socket and the XEON processor, but will save in the end at least two times with the same results. And even three times 😜.

The contents

  1. Motherboard or «she’s a Mother»
  2. The Xeon Processor
  3. RAM
  4. Vidyuhi
  5. More

Motherboard or «she’s a Mother»

Our main is Huanan X79 motherboard. That model has been proven with a good hand and if you run a mass English-speaking forums and groups, we’ll see how many of the recognized in most of these groups of specialists suggest it.

For my part I can confirm this information, and I have had probably a dozen PC custom Guananico how cute it styled in Runet.

In fact, models of this mother very much. You can view the options here on Aliexpress.

Sometimes you can stumble on high rates, but there is not only the bare motherboard, but different ready-made Assembly. Especially popular are the Assembly (all in one order):

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  • She Huanan X79;
  • memory modules in it;
  • the Xeon processor is already inside.

But there are variations already with power supplies, graphics cards, SSD, shorter — ready system unit, the hull no.

As practice shows, it is better to take the already once set, then each component will be cheaper. But you had much more views, let’s go over all the components, then you’ll be able to seek out a ready-made kit or dozakazyvayut as a separate part, because, as practice shows, many have some components in stock, you only need to add…

The Xeon Processor

After working at full capacity around the clock in server China, percent Kseon (or as they are sometimes called in the Internet — Zeon), will be happy to work another ten years.

There, in the hot servers, it has proved its full functionality and now is certainly not defective from the factory. In addition, Xeon are excellent ustitsa-to accelerate. But if it is not to be missed basic facilities. And for those who are missing at the moment, yet be able to accelerate a year or three, the stock on hand.

To choose a stone for Xeon my friend can here. The higher the frequency, the more expensive, but the bigger cache memory inside. Here just look at the thickness of your wallet. Need a socket LGA2011.

Based on my experience, I would recommend E5 2640 (for the poor) and E5-2670, which is optimal in terms of price/power and accelerate just fine, if you want to do this.


The funny thing is that this PC can use the server RAM, and the usual.

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Just remember, this is very important: though Huanan X79 supports both straps within themselves, combining them does not.

Either put a server-side strap or a conventional DDR3. Sunita misunderstanding a few different ways: the computer does not work.

Of course, it is better to take it already spent in the servers, as in the case with the Xeon processor. By the way, if you order a set, then there is in any case inside that server for obvious reasons of economy.

In the work there is no difference! By the way, here they are cute on Aliexpress.


If you just need a powerful computer for work, then take the cheapest video card.

For a gaming computer in this build I would suggest the GTX 960 for cool gamers, or lower, for those who are «cheap.»

Although, in any case you are comparing prices, will take a set. These assemblies typically insert the appropriate graphics card is installed to the Xeon processor and amount of RAM. So focus only at the desired price.


And that there are such sets

Well the power supply directly required corresponding to the selected card. When you already decide it, then just Google what the minimum power needed for this vidyuhi and take it.

About the body silent. Go to the nearest store and select your favorite. Well, or put it all on the shelf, let it works! 🤣

Oh, and the hard disk type SSD. I haven’t forgotten, just wrote such an article here.