Coil Yumoshi

Good day, dear readers. I want to tell you about a budget I bought a fishing reel from the manufacturer Yumoshi. I took the three series, as expected to put it on the spinning. I ordered it for 9.24 dollar on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Pros
  3. Cons
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video


Now let’s talk specifically about what I liked and what not.

  • Delivery — everything is on the level. The order was made on December 24, and received on January 13. In principle, for AliExpress this figure is pretty good, especially when you consider that this period in our country a Grand celebration. Yet it is worth noting that he arrived all safe and even box or slightly wrinkled.
  • Coil design Yumoshi. The color is reel bright enough, yellow and black, plus the chrome inserts. Looks quite good, so can not say about budget origins.
  • The quality of the coil. Here already all is not so happy as we would like.


To begin with the pros:

  • plastic case Yumoshi — it is very good quality, in the event of an impact I will not break.
  • mighty powerful handle. Today not even all branded and expensive coil can match that. Plus, the pen has a very convenient push-button folding mechanism.


Now the cons.

  1. The most important of course will be the absence of a statement in the product description 12 ball bearings. The only one here and it is very upsetting.
  2. The second drawback should be called too quiet clutch. When biting or at what either the toe almost inaudible.
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In fact, these two minus put an end to this reel as a spinning rod. In fact, the coil with the rear clutch is not designed for spinning, but rather for bottom gear.


In conclusion I can say that the coil Yumoshi it is not bad, but not for spinning and not for the price. Ordered on Aliexpress here. Also, I can recommend wireless sonar Fish Finder and Shimano Sienna reel.