Coil rod or spinning Shimano Sienna spokesperson is two times cheaper than the store prices!

I — an avid fisherman and to purchase coil treated very carefully. The coil I needed for fishing with spinning on small rivers. My choice fell on spinning reels Shimano Sienna.

Perehodim all the shops of my city and the neighboring nearby towns, I saw that the coil price is around 4000 rubles. Has been configured already to buy it, and then decided to see if this product on aliexpress. Hammered into search string into the search and immediately came across what I was looking for…

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. 1000, 2500 or 4000?
  3. Quality and my opinion

Where to buy

Shop: SeaKnight Outdoor (USA) Co.,Ltd. The reputation of the shop is good enough. The particular reputation of coils: 4,9 out of 5 points. The seller is quite sociable, assures that the coil is completely original quality.

It’s hard to argue, because the seller thousands of sales and feedback on the model coil and it just wouldn’t be able to sell the copy for all countries for such a long period of time. Therefore, it is a very big plus when choosing the original models on the site aliexpress.

The seller provides a choice of different capacity spools: 100, 2500, and 4000 volume. This watch closely when ordering. You need to understand for what purpose are you buying the reel and what fish you have. Country of origin:Malaysia.

1000, 2500 or 4000?

Weight load also depends on the spool: (1000/2500/4000):10kg/95m ; 10kg/170m ; 15kg/265m).

In General, ordered this model. Coil came to the Kemerovo region 20 days. All time tracked to the time of arrival, and there I myself could not resist and ran to the post office to learn about receipt of goods. Shipping to Russia is free.

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Well packaged, unopened, not deformed. Came in original box. Also in the box was attended by teh owner on reel and manual. In the box with the coil the seller put a small box under the hooks as a present.

Quality and my opinion

The coil itself is 100% original, as assured by the seller. The quality of the coil on top. The price is fully consistent quality — even quality — even higher! As ordered, the size of the spool on the reel was 2500. Backlash was not. Winding the coil is just perfect. When fishing shows you, the course is soft, smooth. In the hand lies the product is amazing. It is very lightweight, the size of the spool 2500 weighs only 260 grams.

The handle for the reel seat is very tight quality during the operation is not affected and is not deformed.

The coil is not bulky, so after each fishing suggest to withdraw from spinning to avoid damage to it during transportation.

Bearing number it 2, the bearings are not noisy — then well-oiled.

To check after incontinuous operation decided to disassemble the coil to check. It is as simple as 3 rubles. Therefore, grease, or anything to replace you can easily and independently.

My verdict is that this device for fishing fully complies with 100% quality — price and good choice for spinning or feeder fishing. Also, it is perfect for a gift for a man who loves fishing. For example, on 23 February, birthday or New year. Again the link: buy here.

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