Coffee machine Vitek bean type

Made the order this machine on black Friday 11 November and on 16 November, my husband and I had Breakfast Aki nobles – not instant coffee powder, and this, incredibly flavorful, brewed coffee.

So, VITEK VT-1517 – coffee bean type. Bought on Aliexpress Tmall here.

The contents

  1. Parts and equipment
  2. Instructions and how to make coffee
  3. Opinion
  4. Undeniable advantages
  5. Not significant, but still NEGATIVE:
  6. Opinion
  7. Video

Parts and equipment

This machine — the coffee maker Vitek has two tanks: for water with a volume of 1.65 liters of milk and to 480 ml. Both are removable, therefore, calmly washed clean of stagnant water and milk. The displacement is quite large, enough for three well very milk cappuccino (mug 300 ml + abundant foam), or an infinite number of espresso (cups 30, no less).

Also included: a handy spoon for sprinkling and ramming the coffee, interchangeable cone (for one/two servings) a manual and, of course, the main highlight of the program – the horn – or arm, which being laid and pressed ground coffee. The machine is fully dismountable and it removed everything that only you will be able to splash, or dirty.

Instructions and how to make coffee

The process of coffee making is simple as ABC:

  • To turn the machine;
  • Pour in both reservoirs the amount of water/milk. Mark MAX exceed is not worth it — the coffee maker didn’t like it, she’ll give you anything to cook;
  • Spoon from the kit to fill the selected nozzle cone ground coffee and the same spoon good to put pressure on it, thereby tamped coffee;
  • To insert the horn, wait until the buttons stop flashing;
  • Adjust milk storage tank volume of foam;
  • Putting the mug and click the desired beverage. Once for a small portion, twice for double.
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All! Aromatic drink fills your mug.

We daily use this coffee maker, so you can safely share its pros and cons.


Undeniable advantages

  • Express delivery Vitek from Tmall (from Moscow to St. Petersburg for 2 days, but got a little later due to the inconsistencies of our work schedules with the time of delivery of service «CDEK»).
  • Very tasty drinks! Very! We are not fans of espresso, so prefer to indulge in only a cappuccino and latte. In any mode, with any amount of milk and coffee turns out very tasty and fragrant. Milk foam just won’t go down! You may already drink coffee, but the foam still will be alive and remain at the bottom of the mug).

Someone will tell that business in the ground coffee, but no, we brewed the same coffee in three cars and, believe me, the output of coffee significantly differ in odor and taste.

By the way, we always pasteurized the milk, although the manufacturer recommends not to do it, and to use only fresh fat milk (or even cream). So, even on our milk foam whipped perfectly. You can use an accurate kitchen scale.

  • Stylish and modern design model Vitek VT-1517. Buttons with inscriptions and emblem – nothing more. A sticker with a picture of a latte we, by the way, I have yet to peel off. The machine is made of high quality plastic universal black color which I think will fit perfectly into any kitchen interior;
  • Mode «LATTE», which is rarely found in machines bean type;
  • The ability to put in the machine as large circles, and small. In the past our coffee machine «DeLonghi» climbed the glass maximum height of 7 see Here quietly gets Tara up to a height of 12 cm For mugs small volume is a special pull-out stand to in the distribution of coffee not spray and foam are not scattered all over the kitchen;
  • Attractive price. Only 7.5 Tr Drank coffee from the more expensive machines and for themselves understood, what sense to overpay no;
  • The choice of the batch size and adjust the amount of milk foam. A very useful function, because there are such machines, which contain only a small amount and for such kapelyushina, as I have to press the button 2-3 times.
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Not significant, but still NEGATIVE:

  • Noise when making coffee. The machine is really quite loud and the first inclusion of its vibration is very scared of our cat). BUT! First, most of the noise falls on the work of the cappuccino, and it is only 6-10 seconds, during which it is not necessary to expose the ear to the circle and listen as whipped Your milk. Secondly, it is a machine, beat the milk in a solid foam, it can not be quiet. And it should be at least in the kitchen, not podgolov bed, waking his work all the sleeping). Believe that for the mug of fragrant coffee can be quite a close eye on this disadvantage. And so it’s noisy, with a drill not to compare;
  • Weak heating of the upper housing of the coffee machine, intended for pre-heating cups. As far as I know, this function uses approximately 0 of the people, therefore, for full minus it can not be considered. The feature is completely useless because of the car so goes a hot drink, additional heat mug here useless;
  • The inability to cook just 2 portions. Though the manufacturer positions this model as having the ability to distribute coffee for 2 cups, we have not managed to simultaneously make coffee for 2 people – very little distance between the holes of the horn, and two mugs in the car will fit with work;
  • The short cord. Cord length 0.5 m, keep this in mind. Far from the outlet positioning will fail;
  • After the distribution of coffee from the cone continues to drip the liquid. And it’s not the force of tightening the horn and not compacting the coffee. No, she’s just dripping and we had to deal with it.
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Bought the VT-1517 shares for 7640 R. on Tmall Aliexpress here on this page. At the moment the price at the online stores for this model reaches 16 000, which, of course, brute force. Eight, and even ten thousand for this model – an entirely reasonable price. To purchase recommend!

Can you recommend another bakery Redmond and a waffle iron for making waffles Gancarczyk. In the morning a Cup of hot tonic with fresh French loaf or wafer gonkongskoj is powerful!

PS under No circumstances do not leave the tank with milk at night or even a few hours in the car. Because there is a risk to receive instead of the whipped foam of a Cup of hot curds (coagulated milk), as we had once).


Preparing a coffee beverage

How to clean