Coffee machine-cappuccino machine Bosch VeroCup 100

Our conversation today will be about a pretty technical device called a coffee machine. Why coffee, because of all the drinks — coffee is my favorite, so his wife decided to donate my birthday this coffee machine with milk Frother Bosch (mark VeroCup 100 TIS30129RW, here’s a direct link to it on Aliexpress).

For me it was important that she works with coffee in the form of grains. This is great, as coffee from roasted bean gives a very pleasant smell and aroma throughout the apartment, and about the taste I generally keep quiet — many have tried natural drink and do everything you know.

Tank for grains calculated on the average packing of 250 grams, is adjusting the degree of grinding depending on the roasting beans. What I affect the range of flavor and coffee strength: want a good espresso poured a dark roast, I wanted a delicious latte — filled medium roasting, it’s simple!

The contents

  1. Easy controls and variety of drinks
  2. Simple care and car cleaning
  3. Compactness and convenience
  4. Cons
  5. Conclusion

Easy controls and variety of drinks

Coffee machine Bosch VeroCup 100 cooking process drink performs electronics: controls the water volume, coffee strength (there are three levels), type of drink.

Cars like the cappuccino, with which delicious drink: cappuccino, coffee crème and latte macchiato. Each drink is prepared the single touch on the touch panel.

Simple care and car cleaning

This machine does not cause trouble. Everything is perfect.

There is a program cleaning nClean car — it will inform the light display on the needs of its run. Works, by the way, the program with the special cleaning tablets, which differ in quality and price. Every time including turning off the coffee machine and milk Frother, it carries out washing (here scrubbing tools are not required).

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On the electronic panel there is a display about the necessity of cleaning the container for used coffee (9-10 servings) and draining water from the stand, but it is better to clean everything a little in advance, because the water in small quantities tends to flow from the cradle, and then have to wipe the car inside and under it.

Compactness and convenience

We have a small kitchen, which has a built-in stove, microwave and a kettle, so the size of the coffee machine — was one of the most important moments. Now the cappuccino Bosch takes its rightful place and not really interfere with the cooking.


With all these good characteristics there is a slight «roughness».

First, as mentioned above, this leakage water from the pan, and secondly, in the silence of morning cappuccino Bosch VeroCup 100 can clearly be heard in this connection in a little apartment, woke up my son, the third is the washing of a small hand, after every drink of milk — otherwise you may experience problems in its operation.


But despite these weaknesses from my point of view, I believe that the machine is excellent and worth the money.

Thanks to the creators of this peculiar technology, which now makes our morning beautiful, and thank you shop Tmall for this financial opportunity!

I bought a milk Frother Bosch VeroCup 100 discount for 19996 RUB in November, drove it for a day, very pleased! Again, took on Aliexpress here on this page.

Summarizing, I can say that this is the best coffee machine that we bought! I can also recommend the KAMJOVE Gongfu maker and fully automatic bakery REDMOND.

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