Coating thickness gauge EM2271

Thickness allow to determine the thickness of the coating without compromising the integrity of the structure. Thickness ЕМ2271 allows you to detect painted or fine detail on the car.

Model ЕМ2271 have been selected on the advice of a friend, prior to buying a new car.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Settings
  3. How to use

Where to buy

The manufacturer of this device Does, is a reliable brand in the market more than 4 years. Had a little look on the website aliexpress store of the manufacturer, but the product was found. Here’s a link to it on Aliexpress.

It is better to order directly from the store first, because it is reliable, on the item page shows that the rating order 5 stars and more than 6 thousand orders have already been made, and secondly, since the store is by the manufacturer, the shipping will be quick. Shipping is better to choose from the Russian Federation, it is free. Device our courier will deliver straight to the door.

The cost of goods varies from 820 to 860 rubles for a model is blue, ЕМ2271. I ordered the item for 840 rubles, but as the dollar changes constantly, now the price is in the amount of 855 rubles.


The characteristics of the device, the thickness EM2271:

  • Small size, fits in the palm of the hand;
  • Weight lightweight, 23.
  • Without illumination;
  • Measuring range from 0 to 2 mm;
  • Powered by a battery that is already inside the device;
  • Has a display that shows the measurement data;
  • Measurement range 0 — 1250 microns.

How to use

The device arrived to St. Petersburg for a week. Was Packed in a small package. The product itself is not damaged, not scratched, chipped, no no. Included is instruction in the Russian language, which defines the measurement.

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To measure the surface, is enough to send him to the surface to be measured and the information will appear on the display.

Have been tried first in the refrigerator, showed himself well. Then was tested on the machine. Great finds secondary color and putty. For its price shows a good result. If you take for personal use, then the product is perfect.

I can still recommend the device for inspection of the car VAG COM 409 KKL with Bluetoth.