Coat — winter jacket from MIEGOFCE

Already some times sellers on Aliexpress pleasing winter clothes. Always bought ICEbear, I decided to try something new. Opted for the coat from the brand MIEGOFCE.

And as always, nice price: winter jacket – 3923 rubles (subject to a small discount from the seller at 132 rubles a trifle, but nice). So, fabric: silk, color is not bright black, very dense, from water and snow do not get wet. Took the official representative for Ali here.

The quality

Wonderful stitched, flat seams, threads do not stick out, the lining is a nice touch, also black. A Bang made fittings, rivets firmly attached to the fabric, with their back side is stamped on the metal name brand and rings for drawstrings at the hood and lugs. Zipper from quality plastic, the dog also has a name.

Convenience and wash

There is a deep internal pocket with no zipper. It looks more than worthy, just a delight. The only thing on the back is embroidered with thread a rectangle, and a sign with the brand, which is not sewn very straight, but not evident to the eye, and you can forgive. Perfect to it a cap made of genuine mink.

Inside the label says the website Miegofce, with a Russian domain, maybe people seeing it will stop buying showrooms and dealers in tridorogo.

Sewn advice on washing and composition and is also well! Coat warm to -5 and colder. The perfect down jacket for those who like to walk around without a hat because he’s well, very warm hood, double layered. Already washed.

The drum got the plot, for about 30 minutes it was put back because there is no separate compartment for it. Dragged with a hook through the filler, catching some pieces of cloth. Ill did. But okay.

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And everything is fine, but the delivery let us down. When I placed the order, it was written that the delivery from Russia, respectively, from Moscow. After a couple of days went in the trash written – Beijing.

So, instead of the promised maximum of a week, the package was delivered less than a month! Wanted to get a coat, after all, winter has already begun. Drove service CDEK.

Pleased only that the parcel courier had brought to the door in discussed in advance by phone time. Style – straight, not fat, a little shorter in the front than the back, the style is universal.

The sizes match with the Russian, so that you can safely take, without hesitation, that will not be enough. Very good seller, will order more. Ideal for those looking for quality items for minimal money.