On the site Aliexpress sells a large number of clothes and shoes from different manufacturers. There are both famous brands and little-known Chinese brands, as well as absolutely nameless products and outright fakes on brands.

We have thousands of reviews on clothes, shoes and accessories from real buyers in Aliexpress. They wanted to share their Frank opinion: whether or not to buy a specific new thing there or better to go to the store nearby.

In addition, there is the eternal problem of sizing. Often the manufacturer or the seller indicates the wrong size, and then there are conflict situations.

The author of the review is sure to indicate whether the sizes match or not with the expected ones, or it was worth taking a size larger or smaller. Be careful at this point.

More products made of material, leatherette or genuine leather can change their color, smell, structure in the process of washing, socks, Ironing. As we have Limpopo write reviews only real buyers, not just remote appraisers and copywriters, they will definitely tell whether that thing in the process of operation, because they have already had this experience.

When shoes from Aliexpress 45th the size of the shake a leg person with a real «Soviet» 43rd, then it is necessary to think of expediency of purchase. And in such cases, people always write about their negative emotions to share sadness and warn others.

And on the contrary, when for very modest money it turns out to buy really beautiful, wearable and valuable thing, people want to tell about it to the whole world, as do on our website!