Clippers dogs and cats Baorun

Let’s start with prices, I ordered a machine for 1500P. on Aliexpress here on this page.

On the website there were several types of Baorun colors dark and light. Without replacement nozzles, nozzle cost would 2tys. The delivery was carried out with Russia, so the long wait was not necessary, the package came in a week. Went received, the parcel was well Packed, but was a bit wrinkled, at first the wrapper, then the box itself.

Inside were: the typewriter, manual, multiple attachments for 3,6,9 mm. Charger, brush to remove excess hair in difficult-to-reach places and oil for cars.

It is equipped with special motor, making 8200 rpm. There is also a Pointed (sharp) ceramic cutting mechanism.

The contents

  1. Knives
  2. My animals
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video


Ceramic knife sharpened and resistant to abrasion. Titanium fixed blade will not cause (not will cause) allergic skin reactions. In addition to the nozzles, the length can be adjusted on the machine 0.8; 1.4; 2.0 mm.

The machine is not heavy, its weight is 500g, easy to hold in hand, not noisy, so that the dog to scare it shouldn’t, but my knew this, so when mean machines went into hiding.

My animals

My dog is a hunting breed, these wool tougher than the usual.

I was afraid that the machine won’t take his coat, but she coped well, with optional nozzles cuts worse than without them. One haircut my dog at the groomer costs more than the machine.

A dog of medium size, but wool quite a lot, so the whole charge, is often not enough to completely mow the dog, but it’s not a problem, as the machine can run from a wall outlet, the charger is long enough, so no problems should arise.

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Ustroistvoto long charging 3-5 hours, usually put on the night and in the morning it is already possible to cut the dog.

Cuts nice and straight, the blade is ceramic, it seems to me that they are very quickly blunted, so it is better to book with an optional blade. How to change the nozzle figured out quite quickly, I was scared at first that you can break the nozzle, but sturdy and well kept.

In addition to dogs, shorn cat, her coat is very thick and was crumpled, she also coped well machine. But without scratched hands no cost.


Sending I quite at 5 plus. It lived up to my expectations, and now our Pets go, nice and neat. Once again, bought their Baorun here on Aliexpress in China. Still I can recommend scissors for grooming and harnesses for dogs.