Clipper Surker

After burned hair clippers hair, the choice fell on the product from China rechargeable clipper hair Surker RFC – 688B, as in advertising this product was characterized with a capacity of 30 Watts, the presence of the LCD display with the elements of the charge and it was stated that suitable for cutting animal hair that is already hinted at its high power.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and grade
  3. In the work
  4. Conclusion

Where to buy

Bought this «Corker» on Aliexpress on this page here.

The price of the product was not the small – 1560 rubles, as it was possible to choose similar cars for 1250 p., but in the other cars were specified power 1.5 watt and above.

Also, when choosing a trimmer Surker attention was drawn to the fact that there is a possibility of ordering parts for this machine in particular that has a ceramic blade, which can be ordered separately.

When ordering, it was learned that there are 2 shipping method: China and Russian Federation service Tmall.

The difference data delivery methods was enormous: in the first terms from 45 days with China against 7 days in Russia, as well as packaging, as during shipping from China, all Packed in a simple package with some bubble wrap by rashes in a heap, and when sending from Russia Packed in the original box with some bubble wrap, which meant a small chance of damage to the goods.

After confirmation of payment, the parcel was sent on the 2nd day, 2 days lying in a warehouse despatch Department. However, after its transfer to the delivery service, 2 days flew by plane from Moscow to Ekaterinburg, and then to Chelyabinsk region.

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Shipping fulfilled by courier, directly to the apartment, with the preliminary coordination of time and the shipping address. When getting inspected the box, signed the receipt and cheers! The goods of the house.

The quality and grade

Upon inspection the bag had a bulge and matoti, but the autopsy found that the some bubble wrap saved, because the factory box was normal. In this form are not ashamed and in the present.

On the box are inscriptions in English, which give the characteristics of the product and the name of the machine RFC – 688B hair.

When opening an item is that the package corresponds to what was stated in the clearance of goods, and this clipper hair 1 PCs., 7 attachments, comb, cleaning brush, charger, and stand for vertical placement of the trimmer.

Capacity with engine oil not included, as the shipment of such substances is prohibited by the rules of the Russian post.

In the work

When you turn on the machine Surker she was charged for 60 minutes, which corresponded to 100% declared by the seller.

When inspecting the trimmer Surker found to be perfectly in the hand lightweight, when not very loud, I assume that you can use for a haircut.

Enable or disable by pressing 1 button, causing the LCD display shows the time of the alleged Autonomous work.

Adjusting the length of the hair is carried out by moving the slider forward and back, while long hair is adjustable from 0.8 to 2.8 mm.

When the last machine behaves appropriately, in the hand of obedient, hair pulls, cuts smoothly and quickly. Also established practice that the cutting machine can work as a battery and charging cord that is as well!

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For standard Surker available charge by connecting it to the power cord, or premises into a special cradle which is connected to the power supply. However, some of the sellers for an additional cost available additional cord, with the result that one can connect to the database, and the second to use to connect the machine separately from the base.


On the results of testing the device for cutting Surker RFC – 688B for several months I can confidently say that our family liked it. The functions are not inferior to brand-name companies and the quality is still high.

One haircut with no attachments, «shaved», takes no more than 5 minutes of charge, although for this product and must be maintained by cleaning the hair and lubricating oil (which will lead to unbudgeted expenses in the amount of 20 rubles).

Again, bought it on Aliexpress here. From the seller several thousands of orders of this lot and the excellent feedback that inspires high confidence in him.

I can still recommend for a complete set of special Kemei trimmer for nose, ears and hard to reach places. It is not the main machine, it to work with her!