Clipper Riwa K3

This review will focus on waterproof trimmer Riwa K3.

My work involves frequent travel, and not always been able to shave in conventional machines due to the lack of conditions. So became the need to purchase hair clippers hair.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Equipment
  4. In the work
  5. Pros
  6. Cons
  7. Conclusion
  8. Video

Where to buy

In our stores did not buy. First, didn’t like the samples, they are expensive. And secondly, anyway, all the goods imported from China. So I turned to the website Aliexpress.

After a brief search on noticed machine from the company Riwa model K3 here on this page at the official representative of the brand Riva.

From other trimmers he was distinguished by the presence of one universal nozzles and liquid-crystal color display, and long battery life.

Along with the clipper Riwa K3 the seller supplied included a cloak, a comb, the extra head and charging cord. The cost ranged from 18.99$ 24.50 to$.

Myself I ordered the cheapest option. It includes charging cord, comb, Cape, cleaning brush clippers and the trimmer itself. In Ukraine, the delivery was free and cost me 18.99$ 521.79 or hryvnia.

The delivery was carried out by the company J-net, and in Ukraine by MEEST-Express. Track to track. Parcel in three weeks. Damage parcel was not.


Trimmer Riwa K3 packaged in a conventional Chinese yellow opaque film. Under the film turned out to be sturdy cardboard packaging of the cars.


All Packed and folded neatly.

Found in the package itself Riwa K3, brush, comb, charging, Cape and manual in Chinese. The trimmer itself was Packed in another cardboard box. along with him were found a comb and brush. The machine came charged up, but the battery on the display is blinking.

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I would also like to mention the Cape. Cape came in black with the company logo. The silky fabric that when cut allows the hair to slide on the robe on the floor. Made of high quality. The seams are smooth.

In the work

Machine Riwa K3 when enabled, operates quietly, without vibration. The mechanism for adjusting the height of the nozzles works well, and with distinct clicks when fixing the height of the nozzle. The sharpness of the knives tested spriva the hairs on your arms. Zakusov, plucking was not. The blades come well sharpened.

The lithium-ion battery pack. The volume of the battery and the user is not found. Fully recharged in 2.5 hours. Enough for two haircuts or monthly shaving.

Personally, I liked the mechanism in which one nozzle can adjust cutting height from 3 to 22 mm. the movement is a very tip with the clamps and rotating disk, which is embedded in the body of the clipper Riwa.

The disc is located above the display, it is convenient. It is easy to rotate with your thumb and forefinger. For shaving you need to remove the head with knives. Removed easily without effort.

The display shows the height of the nozzle, the battery icon in the form of a tap that points to the fact that the trimmer needs to be rinsed off.


  • Battery lasts for long time;
  • Light weight;
  • The presence of only one universal nozzles;
  • Waterproof housing;
    Comfortable in the hand;
  • If the display shows that the battery is low, the trimmer is enough for another ten minutes;
  • Fast charging.
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  • On the display Riwa K3 does not display the battery level. Only two States: charged and requires charging;
  • Eventually ( after six months) trimmer started to work louder and there was a slight vibration.


Overall satisfied with the product and recommend. Again, bought a clipper on Aliexpress here. I can also recommend a universal trimmer for nose and ear 11 in 1 Kemei and compact and stylish razor Xiaomi.