Clipper Pritech iTrimmer — experience of using

Once again I died in Eldorado acquired the clipper. Well, how he died… was just hard to tear hair, as much as it hurts; to shout like a real mower and bask. It all started gradually with continual enhancement and has helped no lubrication and adjustment of the blades.

Decided that this time buy machine necessarily powered by a battery and with a large number of reviews on the Internet. I will not trust sellers in retail stores.

After reading these reviews and watching many YouTube videos, I realized — you need to buy on Aliexpress, but it is proven products. Just as she was coming and it is time to again to get a haircut.

Thus, for quite some time (almost two years ago) I bought here authorized dealer for about 22$ (now ~ 19$ worth) a clipper iTrimmer company Pritech and I have something to tell you, as an experienced user.

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A screenshot of the order:

Judging by the address of the site and the inscription on the reverse side of the box, they are in Hong Kong. Well, this city (we can say even a separate country) have always been known for its high industrialization and development of technology.

All that time to cut two people: myself (adult male) and my son (7 years old). Wife gets a haircut and my hair women are like that. Sometimes he borrowed the neighbors for a small child and my friend, ringworm bald, not yet ordered one for myself.

The contents

  • The pros and cons
  • Packaging
  • Equipment and battery
  • Opinion
  • There are also these types:
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    The pros and cons

    There is a white version for aesthetes, but I have black:

    Let’s start with positive…

    • Fast charging time, while charging on a special stand is very convenient to take and put in place ;
    • Cuts well, no issues I noticed ;
    • Built-in battery, do not have to restore order on the head near the outlet ;
    • Low noise ;

    Cons you can say no. The only battery life is not very long. Enough, perhaps, two standard haircuts «Poluboks». But for home use it is not critical, and if you use professionally in a barbershop don’t even know, because I do not know how professional the device holding the battery.


    Box — a separate conversation. They obviously wanted to do everything stylish and peeped the packaging of Apple products. However, the name iTrimmer — speaks for itself. All done very quickly and nicely, this can be in the gift purchase.

    Box Apple

    Equipment and battery


    Charging cradle included

    Included three attachments (3, 6 and 9 mm), charger, brush and oil (or whatever in the bottle) for cleaning and lubrication, as well as a special stand.

    A workout will tell separately. It is on the stand, as Doc.station. Simply connect it to your network via the supplied power pack and put it on a machine iTrimmer.

    However, the machine can be connected directly to the power supply, which can be handy if you get lost or break this stand, which neither I nor my friend haven’t happened yet.

    Full charge time about 2 hours. Put it to recharge immediately after the cutting that the battery remains fully charged during storage.

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    Great (I’d say megabolsa) advantage is that inside there are two battery size AAA, if necessary, they can be replaced by similar that are sold in all electronics stores, cellular shops, and all on the same Aliexpress.


    Well what can I say… the Time of use speaks for itself. Low noise and independence of the distance from the outlet allows you to cut yourself even when everyone is asleep at home. Went into the bathroom and made it Carolina! However, this is only the case if you do not want to do complex hair, but rather under one head or actually bald!

    The device itself is very comfortable in the hand, the side of only one switch and one red light that is on during charging. And what else is needed for this? Again, ordered on the official page of Pritech on Aliexpress here.

    I think Barber will work, but I Pritech model is more serious, the so-called PRO-version. Perhaps we should in this case pay attention to him.

    There are also these types:


    Photos can be zoomed by clicking on itPickingCharging standIn the box