Classic console Sega Mega Drive 2

Before the new year, I have a question, what to give to her husband on the occasion. Thought I a very long time. Give banal things I did not want. I wanted to give the drive, emotions.

Having gone to visit relatives, I noticed that he really likes computer games, namely Mortal Kombat 3. Then he told me that in his childhood he had a SEGA and he’d like to buy it myself. I offered him more modern options like Xbox or Sony PlayStation. But he said he wants this classic console.

Reviewed the availability in the shops of the city. The choice was not great, the price is high, the reviews are not very good. So I decided to order on Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Price and where to buy
  2. Quality
  3. Use
  4. Design and integration
  5. My impressions
  6. Video

Price and where to buy

The price of the console, «16 bit SEGA Mega Drive 2» — 1 700 RUB and free shipping. In our city the price of the console ranged from 2 000 RUB. Can be ordered through the online store, but the shipping time was the same as with Aliexpress.

As for buying at Aliexpress the seller gave a discount coupon of 150 RUB as I ordered before the New year, the shipping speed for me has played a role. Two weeks.

Goods delivered to mail of Russia on December 27. From 2019 the price of the console on Ali rose. Took on this page.


The quality is good. A solid four plus. Plastic box. Very easy. Plastic brittle. If dropped, it is unlikely that it will work. On the console the Sega.

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So, I think it’s a quality fake. And not the original.

The console survived the delivery by post of Russia and continues to work. The box had no dents, so conclude that it did not drop. The power supply is not large. In the 90s, they were bigger and of a different quality. Much warming up. Had to unplug and wait to cool. In this unit, no such problem. He adapted to the modern sockets and is not heated.

Packing size (LxWxH) см26 x 36.5 x 6.5 Console does not take up much place. Standing on the kitchen table.


The console is adapted to modern televisions. There are all the necessary wires in the set. The picture quality is very good. If you configure the TV to certain settings, the quality will be even better.

This SEGA includes everything you need to relax, set the mood and adrenaline. It’s fun to play both adults and children who have a more modern game. It’s a classic.

The joysticks are very comfortable. Light, the buttons are not tight and not loose. Joystick is a remote control oval push button start in the center and six main buttons. Has decals to understand.

Design and integration

Console in black with grey labels. On the panel are two buttons on/off and Reset (reset). Reset button drops in.

Includes: system unit, power supply, two joysticks, AV cable, user manual, built-in games 75 Grand.

My impressions

The console is really worth the money. Very compact, does not occupy much space, light and beautiful. Will suit any home interior. Included many games that can be played constantly and they never get bored. From the legendary in the set of games such as: Tiny Toon Buster»s , Batman, Sonic, Spiderman, Young Indiana Jones. This console is suitable as a gift for kids and adults.

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Again, bought on Aliexpress here. This is a 16-bit machine. But if you miss it at the Dendy, Tanchiki, Mario and Contra, I advise you to watch the review on 8-bit Dandy.