CkeyiN ultrasonic massager for face and body

After the holidays I gained a bit of weight. Waist and thighs increased by 2 see, I Have no desire to go on a diet, so I decided to resort to the simplest ways of getting rid of excess weight.

The contents

  1. Specifications and description
  2. Quality
  3. How to apply for face and body
  4. Manual
  5. Test ULTRASOUND massager on the performance
  6. Conclusion

Specifications and description

I decided to buy the machine to save money. Naturally, the frequency of the ultrasonic waves in this device is much lower than that in the beauty parlor.

Purchased a machine on Aliexpress frequency is 1 Hz. The price at the time of acquisition 16.48$, took here.

I used to massage normal water intimate lubricant. The instructions state that you must use ultrasound gel.

I did not have it in the pharmacy too was not ordered via the Internet. First time to use a water lubricant. Its texture and stickiness, they are almost the same.

In any case the manipulation with ultrasonic massager will not need to take a fat-containing components and creams. Because they will absorb a lot of the waves that are intended for fat reduction.

The device arrived without the box, normal package with pimples. It was well Packed and came to me in just three weeks. It was tracked to the house.


Apparatus for ULTRASONIC massage small, it has three modes. The first is a very weak and constant. The second a little harder, the third pulsating. This mode is designed for ultrasonic face massage. I spent only a few times.

How to apply for face and body

Very often ultrasonic devices are used to eliminate wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin.

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It is believed that all the creams that are used to penetrate only the superficial layers of the epidermis. The application of ultrasound, these waves would drive the cream deeper, and help the penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the dermis.


Along with this ultrasonic massager used normal serum, which I purchased on Aliexpress. It has a mild texture and transparency.

Indeed, it is sucked by the ULTRASONIC device is much better, but the consumption of more.

With regard to the fight against cellulite and fat, the visible effect of using the ultrasonic massager I have not noticed. When compared with the manipulation at the beautician, with a home device is almost no change in waist size, after the procedure was not.

I used a camera for 2 weeks and performed massage for 15 minutes daily.

After some manipulation I decided to check whether it works at all device because in the application there is no vibration, heat, or sounds. The impression that touch the cold, metal plate to the body.

Test ULTRASOUND massager on the performance

I decided to conduct a test of lard. I saw somewhere on the Internet that you can do this test to check the efficiency of the apparatus.


To do this, cut a piece of ordinary lard, the machine was turned on at maximum power, and put on top of the platen prepared piece.

After 15 minutes I discovered that the piece really became transparent, and part of the fat melt, and the glass on the surface of the head. Most interesting is that the heat, the vibration is gone.

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That is, all the fat is split by means of ultrasonic waves. When applying the gel or grease, you can see the bubbles and waves, as when boiling.

Manufacturers indicated that the frequency of 1 Hz is sufficient to break up the big capsules fat, and make them small, against cellulite. Further, the grease which becomes liquid excreted from the body in a natural way, by means of filtration through the liver and kidneys.


The device, which I purchased, is a full analog device Jestonthat actively advertise on the network.

My skin is not problematic, therefore, to evaluate the effectiveness of eliminating wrinkles can not. Had a massage with serum several times. Did not see any significant effect. Maybe on Mature skin will be more visible. Because of wrinkles on the face there.

Regarding the fight against cellulite significant changes I noticed. In the end, after two weeks of the course, I sat on a diet and start to do regular massage of problem areas silicone banks.

Could lose a few pounds, which ate over the Christmas holidays. But, unfortunately, not by using the ultrasonic massager, and with the diet, and cupping massage.

Now the unit tests my mother. As it turned out, these devices are used in physiotherapy for the treatment of joints. Heals knees with Symptoms and Mucosae.

Says that really helps her and relieves pain. And much more effective than compresses. ULTRASONIC waves help to penetrate the medicine very deeply.

Once again, I bought this unit for ultrasound massage on Aliexpress here on this page.

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