Chinese chainsaw ENIFIELD — KRATON

Today, we have to review Chinese chainsaw brand ENIFIELD for 2500 rubles. They say she’s Kraton «Beast machine» kind of model. Maybe so, but don’t know for sure, so no guarantee.

Took it on Aliexpress, Tmall subsection, here.

So, in the package we have:

  • The chainsaw itself is folded;
  • Circuit separately;
  • A set of tools;
  • Canister with 1 litre of chain oil;
  • The handle gear, guide the protective cover;
  • Manual, local warranty.

The engine of a saw Enifield gasoline, two-stroke with joint lubrication and air cooling, a total capacity of 49 CC and a power of 2.8 HP Directly, moped Carpathians

Sent from Moscow warehouse, in Tula received in 3 days, shipping was free.

Everything else: unpacking, Assembly, starting — refer to the video. The video is not ours, but saw the same:

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