Children’s track with cars Odilo

The child is asked for a track for cars. Long chose the track brand Odilo on and stopped at the colorful here on this page on Aliexpress.

The delivery time was great. In Saint Petersburg the parcel was delivered more than a month, namely 42 days. In addition, the product sends without box, in plastic bag. Came to us whole, all parts in place.

The track gave the child on the fourth day of birth – complete instead of cars was a blue locomotive. It makes us very upset, because the child wanted a racing car.

Asked the seller, message the seller to replace the machine refused, citing the fact that there are different variations of machines. Although the car engine is not like. I ended up with a steam locomotive. Turned out not a track car, but rather the railroad.

He children’s track Odilo was going very simple, child 4 years – he can assemble and disassemble. To gather more complicated. Disassemble is very simple. In General, items reliable three months of use nothing has broken, although to assemble and disassemble the track many times.

The rail is inserted into a different rail and latched. You can pin special connecting bracket (included) we did not connect, because it’s held up fine.

However the track size is not large (from the manufacturer is larger). Stand under the bridge unstable. If the track is collected from a large number of sets – rigidity is not high.

The kit includes a variety of rails: direct (short and long) and sloped bridge support for a bridge (few – you can collect a support of different height) and the actual vehicle.

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As we have seen, though, that the picture painted exclusively cars, can send any other vehicle.

Rails of various shapes and sizes different colors. Child easy to navigate when choosing the right length and even the color.

Complete instructions in Chinese (not in English) in collecting the different versions of the track. Since parts train the different size – to collect the option is not always obtained, since the size in length and width have been difficult to find. Instructions – 9 tracks – 3 of them to collect of these parts fails.

Apparently two of this commentary in Chinese, to collect them you need two sets of rails. But this we knew already, when they began to collect options.

This is due to the fact that only two rails for the construction of slides, as in these three options four slides. Not enough rails with slides.

The train travels steadily and fairly briskly, not stuck, not falling. The train can be run without the rail is just on the floor.

Train or car travels on a single AA battery. Batteries not included. Charge conventional batteries (Duracell or Energizer) lasts for 1-2 days drive away. So you need to stock up on battery – or battery-powered works.

Also, the set includes road signs, lights that are inserted into special holes in the rails, the supports under the bridge.

Signs stay good. These included a set of stickers that need to be glued into blanks for signs, and for ascents or descents downhill. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.

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