Children’s tent wigwam

Bought from this seller on Aliexpress for 900 rubles.The price constantly varies and can reach 1200 RUB regular mail delivery to the Republic of Crimea amounted to 32 per day, track to track.

Was purchased for two kids, as an alternative to the expensive Lodge.

Children’s tent — the tent is quite roomy. Quietly placed one adult sitting and two children up to 10 years. Made of mantle, cloth, two window closed with a perforated mesh and open, «door» is closed by Velcro at the bottom, when you open a fixed band at the top.

Due to the fact that the Windows are located opposite each other — there is created a sufficiently good ventilation, which is very good when you take this tent with you on the nature.

Going to the wigwam and disassembled very easy for the tourist tents. Set of four collapsible frame poles, Packed in a round case with a diameter of about 50 cm

Wigwam weighs about 200 grams, height in a disassembled state for about 150 cm Can take with you to the cottage, picnic, beach or to be installed directly in the room. The children loved to play and read books inside the tent.

Even sometimes watching him on the plasma TV cartoons.

Very happy with purchase. Recommend, the money this tent is. The disadvantages include fotoprovodimost, from rain it can’t hide and no substrate on the floor, you need to lay a rug or blanket, with cushions inside for complete comfort.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here. I can still recommend this Mat as a substrate.

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