Children’s suit with Panda

Here’s a merry sport suit brand Zoe and Panda print Panda, I acquired her baby. Eye on the website «Aliexpress» from this seller, and within three weeks the parcel was waiting for me at the post office in Kaliningrad.

By the way, this was my very first order on this trading platform. I bought it without any discounts and coupons, and even pay shipping, just because I really liked it.

It costs in the region of 700-800 rubles. It often the seller makes a discount of 500 RUB Save, use cashback or coupons Aliexpress.

Blue suit fascinated me the original decoration in the form of cartoon bears.

Pullover with Panda in wide blue and white stripes on the «belly» solid pocket with a sticker of a cartoon character and vtechenie red ears out of felt. On the sleeves, neckline and hem — ribbed.

Pants Navy blue, with pockets in the seams. Completes trousers knitted elastic. In the lower part of the legs is made the same decor as on the pocket «kangaroo».

Fabric composition: cotton and polyester. The material is dense, after washings still the same bright, not faded. That’s just over time started to appear pellets, but not much.

Suit malomerit. For a year and ten months, the Fund took a stock (3T), on the tag 100. Keep this in mind when ordering, refer to the table from the seller.

Measurements: length sleeves with cuff from neck 43 cm, length jackets — 40 cm, width 30 cm, length of pants — 52 cm, length of the elastic band at the waist — 18 cm

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Even if the waist elastic will draw in, can we pull it out and insert another (it is not sewn).

The suit is gorgeous, there is no pressure, looks beautiful and with the shoes, and sneakers, and sandals. I ordered this kit here on Ali.

PS I Think, children’s shoes M. Michie created just for this kit. And on top of you and warm suit with a separate jacket.