Children’s smart watch Greentiger Q02 with GPS and SOS button

The need to purchase this gadget has arisen in connection with the forthcoming admission of a child in 1 class. Decided to make a gift to the birthday of his daughter.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The quality and functions
  3. Conclusion
  4. Video

Where to buy

In the shops of our city similar to a smart watch are much more expensive than Aliexpress. Therefore, it was decided to buy out there, here’s a direct link.

Bought for 723 of the ruble is complete with mini-gifts – 1 handle-vitamins, stickers, and a couple erasers. More than 20 rubles , a child such trinkets to very nice.

The order was little more than a month to Vladivostok, delivery by regular mail. In the description, the term stood for 29 days. It turned out a little more, for me it was not critical, the time allowed.

The quality and functions

Now to the description. Watch Greentiger, model Q02. The seller offers three different color options – pink, blue and orange.

Ordered, of course, is the Russian version and the color pink. It was Packed well enough and come in a gift box, so they can be safely present at the occasion.

When enabled, the clock on the screen we were met by a funny bear. Watch next of course you need to set the parent via phone using the program SeTracker – fill a phone book in the first place.

Greentiger Q02 fully meet my expectations (a lot of course I didn’t expect):

  • have a touchscreen (it has very quickly been scratched).
  • on the side there is a sos button for emergency pressing, conveniently located, the room is also set through the parent program, you can add a few numbers.
  • battery capacity 400 mAh, sufficient for a couple of days if intense don’t use them. On average I would say 1-1.5 day.
  • is it that the child cannot call the third-party numbers that are not in the phone book, as well as the opposite – a complete stranger doesn’t call on the phone. Tested it personally.
  • SIM card connector charging are next closed by a plug, the dirt will not fall,
  • GPS tracker for tracking the position of the child and sending the location if you press SOS,
  • there is a game one, but honestly, it is not clear to whom calculated. The game is in the account, for example, the example 2+8=11, you have to write Yes or no. But the answer should be written in a split second.
    Even I, an adult, not all examples have time to click. Not to mention first-graders.
  • also in this model, Greentiger Q02 has a camera, but it just antediluvian. So, an additional application. The camera is very poor quality and it is unclear what angle you need to remove to get a straight picture.
    There is a mode «remote camera» — that is with a parent program to capture current time on the clock.
  • there is a tracking error of about 300-400 metres, measured on the map.
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In General, smart watch with GPS tracker for their money very good, the sound is good, loud, audible the interlocutor is also good, its main function due to the child performing.

I’m happy with the purchase. Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. I can also recommend a digital photo frame Liedao and very funny children’s piggy Bank SAFE with combination lock.