Children’s racing cars on the radio

As a gift to the son for New year bought on the Aliexpress website interesting remote control cars at this link. The cost of toys was$ 18 and the seller made a discount coupon of$ 1. In the end, my car cost 17$ 1187 or Russian rubles.

They delivered it three weeks in St. Petersburg at the post office. The shipment was carried out by the seller, the tracking number to track on the whole route.

The contents

  1. Quality
  2. Management
  3. Conclusion


The typewriter is made in the form of a racing red jeep. This is the model of this machine, reduced in 22 times. In the set it is a USB charging cable, user manual, remote control and rechargeable battery.

You can just buy an extra one or two batteries, enabling the child to play while charging the primary.

You can also choose what toy will be packaged in a simple box or color gift.

The toy came intact, no damage, was Packed in a thick box of foam. I was upset at first, not seeing the box I ordered an additional battery, but it turned out that he was put in to the main compartment.

Charge one battery lasts approximately 15-20 minutes of continuous use. Charging the battery using the USB cable that plugs into the charger from any phone. The charging process lasts about 1.5 hours.

Wheel the machine is large and wide, very fast rides home. They have soft tires and no noise when driving. There are even shock absorbers.

The case is made of thin plastic, but he bends well and, therefore, cracks and damage, although she always bumps we have in the walls and cabinets at high speed. Ahead mounted on the housing bumper, and the rear has a spoiler.

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The control panel is unusual for me, because before that we bought cars with a joystick. This is more like a gun with a short barrel. Movement forward/backward you want to manage with the help of «trigger gun».

To steer left or right you should use the wheel on the side. Management is quite clear and easy, the child quickly figured out. The distance at which catches a signal, the claimed 50 meters.


In General, radio-controlled machine strong, the child to play with her very interesting. The only weak point was the cockpit, or rather, very flimsy button forward/reverse.

After a month of active use, it began to sink, that is, the child holding the remote, without pressing the button, and the machine itself goes. It was able without difficulty to fix.

But after some time, the button we’re completely broken. Just broke off with a stronger tap on it. Currently, our machine is not working. But we will figure out how to fix her again because she is very fond of our son.

Once again, I took on Aliexpress here on this page. Recommend another quadcopter with a video camera on the remote control at a good price and a toy boat Hurricane.