Children’s play tent

Goods bought in the Chinese online Aliexpress store . Children’s play tent in the car is red, the tent of mantle tissue type «Bologna», it is caused to print: the wheel, rooms, doors , lights.

Roof blue, top cut the hatch floor of the same material. As glass doors are mosquito net , «door» closes on the sticker.

A frame made of flexible plastic cord , plastic spacers, a pull-out, inserted into the pockets, the pockets are closed by Velcro. Packaged in bright bag with zipper.

I ordered 18.06$ , now there is a discount , went to North Kazakhstan for 6 weeks by regular mail.

After two months of operation there were flaws in the design: the frame is weak the tent ceases to hold the shape of a «folded «, girth climbs out of their valves and protrude from the sides — attracting children’s attention, they are trying all the time to pull them out. «The door» too close for stickies — if the tent is twisted, the Velcro does not hold — short.

Again, bought on Aliexpress here on this page. There are other options. Can you recommend a stylish children’s play Mat and toy brand Huile Toysthat are really different from many others in stores are usually not find them.

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