Children’s play tent Bear

The order came in 3.5 weeks by regular mail of Russia. Bought for 27$ on Aliexpress here. The tent is good. The quality is very pleasant and was pleasantly surprised. The color is bright and rich.

Muzzle of a bear drawn clearly and not torn off by the hands of a child.

All seams are stitched, never diverge, threads do not stick out, there is no marriage, smudges of dirt is also not found, the mesh on the Windows and the entrance whole, without holes.

Of the advantages of the tent:

  • As mentioned above — quality.
  • Size. It’s big enough that it easy fit two adults lying and sitting. Children freely run, crawl.
  • The entrance to the double lock. That is open and can be closed from inside and outside, what is safe for children.
  • The Windows located on two sides and they are great. See what the children are doing and the fresh air comes from anymore.
  • The weight of the tent is small so that the daughter 2 years it freely moves around the house.

Of the drawbacks I found two:

  1. Pulled out of the box and the tent immediately disintegrated. How to collect back to the original size and not guessed. The instructions for the tent is not attached. There was only a small piece of paper in Chinese with the name of the product.
  2. Very thin fabric the floor. Too cold to sit without a Mat.

The rest of the children are very happy and play it with pleasure, not to pull out. Again, bought this «Bear» here on Aliexpress.

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