Children’s designer magnetic QWZ of 110 parts

Good afternoon. I want to share impressions of purchase on Aliexpress. Chose baby gift Mini magnetic designer QWZ 110pcs. Here is the link to the product. Price:$ 20. The delivery was carried out by Russian post.


To the Nizhniy Novgorod region the order was three weeks. The packaging is not damaged. The constructor in a plastic container with a lid that closes securely, in the same container can be stored.

The details are all in place, entire, smooth, without burrs, chips, cracks, smooth, the number of matches specified when ordering 110 pieces. They are well magnetic to each other and to a magnetic Board or the refrigerator, not painted and have no smell. The kit includes:

  • The magnet parts of different shapes ( square — 24 PCs, rectangle — 2 pieces, the small triangle — 30pcs., the large triangle — 4 PCs., trapeze, 2 pieces, Pentagon — 2 PCs, hexagon: 2 PCs, diamond — 2 PCs.). Colors: yellow, green, blue, red, lilac, pink.
  • The transparent part — simulated glass — 30 pieces, must be inserted into the square part, but does not always work to do, but the kids didn’t need to be.
  • Items on wheels — 2 pieces to assemble the vehicle.
  • Frame for collecting the Ferris wheel (about 8 blocks).

Very small pieces such that the child is stuck in the nose or choke, no. There are step-by-step instructions on how to collect different shapes: wheel, bowl, etc.

Designer kids loved, and play and a child of five, and eight. Of course complex shapes collects the eldest child, the youngest collects what he can imagine.

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The packaging States the age limit of three years. The constructor is useful because:

  1. In the game works both hemispheres of the brain.
  2. Helps in learning geometric shapes.
  3. Develops imagination and creative thinking.
  4. Promotes the study of physical phenomena (magnetism).
  5. Develops modelling skills.

Overall happy with purchase, good, safe, educational game, great for a gift. Also, can you recommend a replica (copy) of Lego, but there are already small pieces — keep that in mind. Again, bought here on this page are the official representative of the manufacturer QWZ on Aliexpress. It is always better to take the official, especially when it comes to baby stuff.