Children’s clipper GL

With the advent of long-awaited child, shopping was a torment for me and I’m hooked on «Aliexpress». Though you can safely explore the product based on feedback. And today I’m ready to tell interested readers about children’s clipper hair from the company Gl.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Description and components
  3. Quality
  4. Opinion

Where to buy

Ordered from this seller is the official representative of the brand GL.

Delivery service CDEK worked quickly on Thursday made the order, and on Monday the courier brought the parcel home. I’m from the city of Kaliningrad. Laid out for her 1000. Price there are different. Love the first cheat, and then to make a discount.

Description and components

Model GLL-6S has a ceramic knife that is so important when working with soft baby hair, low noise level and minimal vibration.

The kit in addition to the device includes:

  • USB charging (the machine works only from the battery);
  • 2 double-sided nozzle for cutting, one for trimming and the fourth is not identified why, it seemed to care after use;
  • gentle «is» to gently remove the fallen hair from the face and neck of the child;
  • Cape with company logo.


In 5 months of use, and sheared me and husband and child, did not reveal deficiencies. The case is built qualitatively, it is convenient to hold in hand, easy. The blades are sharp, well cut, hairs are not pulled, which is important when cutting toddler.

The sound is quiet, not annoying, convenient due to the wireless operation.

Enough for two haircuts and still charge the exact battery life did not measure, but it is claimed up to 90 minutes. Hold the nozzle firmly, do not scratch the scalp. Waterproof, can be washed under running water.

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By the way, I recommend to young parents in addition to patience and love, and even reusable diapers with inserts, which will greatly save the family budget, because Diapers can be ruined. As well as, non-contact infrared thermometerthat allows you to instantly measure the temperature of the baby. And a special carrier on the back or chest a La Chipset.


I would like to have more nozzles (the maximum length of the hair is 12 mm).

We evaluated this model on a solid Pyaterochka: husband — as a customer, I’m a home hairdresser. Again, you need to take only on the official website of Aliexpress here, not from dealers.