Chiffon blouse Finny Fashion Classic with an adjustable sleeve

On the website of the online store AliExpress ordered women’s chiffon blouse brand Finny Fashion Classic adjustable sleeve here on this page.

Specifications model:

  • Brand FINNY Fashion Classic;
  • Sleeve length – full, regulation at 3/4 with concealed strap and button closure;
  • Pattern full print area;Form – daily;
  • Material – spandex, cotton;
  • Collar – V-neckline;
  • Fabric type – chiffon;
  • Sizes — S, M, L, XL, XXL.
  • The price of the product – 587,9 RUB free shipping.

Order 16.07.2018 G. Delivered within 27 days before the Russian post offices in the city of Bryansk.

For myself, I found some positive aspects in this blouse Finny Fashion Classic is a relatively low cost, quick shipping and no problems with tracking the track numbers, the beautiful blue rich color, back of the blouse long, looks fashionable and effectively, the ability to roll up the sleeves to 3/4 level and fasten, it’s already changing the way the material itself is very soft, not transparent, but wrinkled quite quickly.

But there are drawbacks…

The most important of which, the narrow space in the shoulder area and forearm. Because of this, the show of hands is almost impossible, because the hand drawn sleeve. But it has nothing to do with improper size, because the rest of the blouse with perfect fit and do not hamper movements. Most likely incorrectly matched pattern for sewing, it turns out the top XS and bottom of blouse M Ordered M for size S. But it is, unfortunately, didn’t help the situation.

Another flaw from Finny Fashion Classic big V-neck, which fully opens the overview of the bra. If wearing a blouse, you have to stab it with a brooch or pin. Alternatively, you can sew the buttons.

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Otherwise, everything is wide open. In some places there is uneven seam, but it is not very noticeable. I only twice wore this blouse, it is beautiful, looks fashionable, but because of the above nuances to wear a blouse extremely uncomfortable.

I think it’s a good buy just for seamstresses, which for a small price takes on a beautiful blouse and can correct defects from the manufacturer.

But for me, despite liking the color and the model itself Finny Fashion Classic, buy were unprofitable and useless, as new, in fact, the product hanging in the closet and not used as intended. Better to look at other options on Aliexpress here.