Chemex coffee — 400 ml

Love for coffee inspired me to purchase Celexa as an alternative method of preparation of the beverage and the correct disclosure of the taste of specific varieties of coffee beans.

The quality of manufacture of Chemex with Aliexpress is second only to a relatively «irregular» shape of a funnel with a spout, the function of which is to correct the bleed and the extraction of coffee — it should be more elongated and narrow.

Therefore, we will consider this device from the point of view of its use by Amateur and this noble drink at home.

Bought Ali here (direct link to product).

The chemex consists of a laboratory flask and a funnel, made of borosilicate glass, which are bridged from the rubber sticking. Instead of the filter pack at the top is a convenient two-phase sieve with a tip of rubber assuming its reusable.

The vessel is designed for 2-4 servings of espresso, depending on what kind of saturation you wish to receive.

The product came 2 weeks in Rostov-on-don by regular mail, well Packed, both inside and outside. No detail was damaged, the box is intact. The weight was 711 grams. The seller is communicative, answered questions during the day. Acquired at a price of 11.5 USD (for comparison, in Russia the starting price for Chemex equal to 23 dollars).

This cookware is easy to clean manually, as there are no restrictions for washing in a dishwasher.

Overall happy with the purchase, will order more (what a great option a symbolic gift for those who appreciate quality espresso drink). Also I can recommend to see the related to capsule coffee maker Bosch and the DMWD waffle iron for quick cooking of Hong Kong waffles.

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