Cheap swill for vaping ARAMAX

Today we have a review of manure for Smoking electronic vaping IIZ China, namely from GearBest store that sends products for free worldwide.

As you know, on Aliexpress such products are illegal to sell. Probably, the owners of Ali fear that under the guise of a Smoking fluid will be to sell something generally banned throughout the world.

GearBest also differs in that there is no separate sellers, all goods are sold directly from the warehouses of the store in China. We are protected from unscrupulous sellers and from counterfeiting, because Herbest value their name.

The contents

  1. Tastes and smells
  2. Quality
  3. Opinion
  4. Video

Tastes and smells

I took five units of the brand Aramax:

  • Apple;
  • Strawberry;
  • Strawberry shake like ice cream;
  • Energetic;
  • And… my favorite of all — the WATERMELON!

There are still many different ways: Raspberry, Cigar tobacco, wild berries, menthol, lemon, etc. All look directly on their website here.

There is even easier to order than on Aliexpress — tested. And not have to wait several days until sent. Generally sent the next day after ordering.

The price for one bottle of liquid Aramaks ranges from 1-3 dollars, depending on taste. Capacity standard — 10 milligrams, but there are other variations of volumes.

Some of the liquids are transparent, while others match the color of the name, the taste or just the standard yellow.

Customs is no problem, I have tried it several times. The main thing — not to take more than 5 pieces in one parcel, otherwise it will have a wholesale order and he should be taxed.

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Each bottle is well packaged in protective wrap and box top representative brand name, characteristics, etc even though the gift, at least for sale. Yes, and very nice to hold in the hands of well Packed products.

By the way, about the box mod Wismec we have on the website a separate review.


After using the Gigi in Weipa can say the following:

  • Strawberry smells like real fresh strawberries, just like in the garden you are my grandmother in the village;
  • «Energetic» has a fairly strong taste and quality. As if you drink some Redbul or Adrenaline rush;
  • Arbus is very soft and lightweight. After energy, it may seem that it is not enough. If Smoking turns better in reverse order;
  • Strawberry milkshake reminiscent ice cream sundae-vanilla;
  • Finally, Apple is Apple. There is a view of the green. Even with a slight sourness.


Overall, I can say that I was satisfied. Well I saved on the purchase of tankers for floating the vaping. Again, taken in China at GearBest here on this page.

Aliexpress does not sell officially and if they do, you can send a normal vegetable, or even engine oil — precedents have already been. And there is no support and debate will not help since the shop will already be closed by the time I received for a foul on Ali. It is better to take proven Giresta!