Cheap soldering station with display

Ordered a soldering station with LCD display, complete kit, soldering iron ALL-IN-ONE Selection. What I really liked, everything placed in one set took into account even the little things, in addition to the soldering iron, tin, vacuum, and put the sponge and tweezers, and soldering iron holder, plus 5 additional stings.

The seller was friendly and when ordering I didn’t have about two dollars. So he adjusted the price, that is, itself, reduced from $ 2. Of course, very nice when you are in the position, here is a link to it.

Plus used spec store coupon for $ 1. In fact, instead of $ 37.58 I paid $ 34.58. For such a good soldering iron good price.

Got a soldering iron before this time, everything is perfect. The case is compact, neat soldering on the bench, everything is in place, even more))) it is Necessary to thank the seller for his generosity. Included sent the gift screwdriver – indicator. By the way is very good, we are not selling.

Now go to the main point. After the first joy came the disappointment. Turned on the soldering iron, everything works perfectly, the sting is perfect, takes even the smallest details.

The very next day I had her nephew machine to solder. So, include a soldering iron, and he tightly does not respond, the screen does not turn on, no heat. But, good seller, everything is fair explained, the fact that there was a marriage of the resistor. I myself looked, the defect is not found, but actually burned resistor 82 OHM. The seller offered to send a new soldering iron, plus two resistors, I agreed. I will say, to get the 82 OHM resistor in the Radio, I could not, just took out the old Board and stuck.

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What is bad, before purchase long studied the information on the Internet, I read almost all the reviews anywhere I have not got information about the marriage. Anyway, I’m in the black, the seller sent me a second soldering iron, so, after minor repairs, now I’ll have two of the soldering iron.

What is more alarming, in fact if suddenly go bad heating element, for example, or burn up another resistor, or something with a fee, to get them almost impossible, I will order on Aliexpress, but luckily I now know a good seller. In General, if there is a little bit more money, I recommend this the best soldering station Youyuethat I ever seen in my life.

By the way, the cord of the soldering iron actually Ogneupory, check. Soldering iron on the practice heats quickly reaches the desired temperature after 10 seconds and unable to work.

Summing up, after weighing all the pros and cons of this purchase, still recommend the seller and product. Repeatedly had to use a soldering iron, very pleased, tight soldering. In fact, the quality of work is quite different. Again, bought this soldering station on Aliexpress here.