Cheap robot vacuum cleaner Midea VCR12: the pros and cons of home assistant

On the eighth month of pregnancy beg the question of cleaning after the baby is born, given that the house cat, which is a lot of wool.

The decision was made, which hasn’t regretted for a minute, to order robot vacuum. The choice fell on the Chinese Midea VCR12 (the only difference in color).

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The pros and cons of Midea
  3. Pros
  4. Cons
  5. Two Videos about a vacuum cleaner Midea

Where to buy

Briefly I will say that I ordered your vacuum cleaner Midea here on this page in Aliexpress. Got the courier in three days after ordering.

First impressions: the robot is quite Packed, no odors, presentable appearance.

The pros and cons of Midea

And now about the advantages and disadvantages of this robot vacuum.


  1. Undoubtedly the low price of the brand Midea relative to other manufacturers with similar functionality.
  2. Concise appearance.
  3. The base is highlighted by a bright blue light. Pleasant light the night provides us with a makeshift nightlight. However, for someone plus, this will be controversial.
  4. Has several modes of operation. You can send it vacuumed along the walls, and you can use turbo mode in particularly dirty areas.
  5. An essential item to maintain a minimum of order in the house in between major cleaning. I especially recommend the pet owners.
  6. Available instructions in Russian.
  7. The robot is much quieter in operation than the classical vacuum.
  8. Plastic container for debris. Not clogged with dust, if desired, can be washed.


  1. A small dumpster. Maybe it has to do with the presence of a pet in the house, but in order that the cleaning was complete, we have to empty it several times.
  2. My Midea gets stuck under the couch and can’t get out. This can be a drawback in specific circumstances of individual apartments. If the distance from the floor to your sofa will not allow him to travel, and problems such will not be, respectively.
  3. In four months of operation of the brush was fluffed up and slightly deformed. But accessories can be purchased separately.
  4. Relatively large debris (e.g. cat food) does not fit in the dumpster.
  5. Robot vacuum cleaner is only suitable for floor cleaning, the carpet will be ineffective or not effective enough.
  6. The charge holds not for long. Over time began to run out faster. In his defense I want to say that this may be due to the fact that the first month was regularly based in the mode of «discharged — recharged — discharged». At the bottom of the cleaner has a switch that will help to cope with this problem and to protect the battery of your assistant.
  7. Loudly announce that it was charged. This is a controversial negative, but at night or when the baby sleeps, can be a problem. To cope with it will help all the same switch on the bottom, but then the charging will have to be postponed.
  8. In the corners of the room have to get out on your own through other devices. For example, excellent choice for this magic MOP with auto spin and specials.bucket.
  9. Pretty loud hits on the obstacles. In the pros, provided that the machine works quietly, meanwhile in the cleaning process happen in a loud collision with obstacles.
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Despite the larger number of cons, they all can close your eyes. On a scale would put it with four. Robot vacuum cleaner Midea definitely recommend to purchase. Again, I bought it on Aliexpress here.

Two Videos about a vacuum cleaner Midea