Cheap lamp for gel Polish

So long as I cover my nails own gel Polish has become a question of changing their old model for one finger (the torment). Now in Moscow the price of the lamp is not small, at least for those who I wish I started from 2500 roubles and above.

Help, as always, came friend, which turned out to be orders from Ali gel-lacquers. For the sake of interest went to the site Aliexpress to see what they have to offer, the choice is of course a huge number, for every taste, color and purse.

I didn’t want a certain model and I chose according to the following criteria:

  • The price of 500 rubles, as I was afraid would not come understand;
  • By rating shopping, more shopping the better model and more reviews;
  • Power, like most powerful at a given value;
  • Timer. Definitely wanted one with a timer, because of hardship to detect the drying time on the phone.

Clearly defining what you want, choose from hundreds of not made the big work, and time took only 5-10 minutes.

Chosen — ordered this on this page, delivery free, and promised to deliver within 14 to 26 days.

To my joy the lamp came regular mail in 9 days after ordering. Packed in the best possible way in a special inflatable package, I the first time such saw, in addition to a bag with pupyrchatoy film.

Package included: lamp and USB wire.

The color was nicer than pictured, pale pink top and white on the inside. By the way, recommend themselves gel polishes brands SaviLand and VenaLisa.

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The plastic material of sufficient quality, buttons are solid, everything works, gauges light up and work properly, there is a timer for 60 seconds and 120 seconds, and it is time and you can still pause to put. The bulbs are evenly distributed, all the workers don’t blink.

Lamp power 36w. With the lamp perfectly, it seems to me fit for work nails, too. In General, the purchase I am very satisfied, the only drawback for myself, I note the short wire, it is necessary to always connect the extension cable as the socket of a table I have.

More cons I have not yet found. The lamp used for the seventh month once twice a month, it is still as good as new. This was my first purchase with Aliexpress definitely going to order something else interesting and useful. Again, took here.

Well, if you have a little more money and want to buy something more powerful and better, you can see an overview of SUNUV — Sun 3.