Cheap gaming PC on the Xeon processor

On Aliexpress nowadays, it is possible to purchase a full or partial build gaming computers based on server processors and other components.

Such a PC will «pull» game, much cheaper than many flagship on i5 and i7, but cost much less.

You can buy both new and used parts. And if hard drives it’s better to take only new, processor or memory it does not matter, as they are not prone to various wears.

Great news for these assemblies is the fact that they don’t become obsolete with time. And even today an old server PC can compete with the top new game for advanced gamers. It is easy to see the change tables.

The contents

  1. Sets of lots
  2. Sockets, you need to know about
  3. Xeon 5650
  4. 2640
  5. E5 2660
  6. Video card
  7. The case, SSD and so on…
  8. Summary
  9. Where to buy
  10. Video

Sets of lots

What are the kits to build a gaming PC based server components:

  • CPU with standard cooler (cooling system);
  • Motherboard corresponding socket;
  • Strap memory that only work on such a server socket and are much cheaper more versatile;
  • There are versions with graphics cards, but better than «none» to buy a separate lot. Although it is at first a little bit to learn it on Aliexpress options.

All the following assemblies can be ordered on Ali here. This seller can be called proven, for many he ordered and everyone is happy.

Sockets, you need to know about

In 2019 the actual sockets are 1366 , and 2011.

By the way, if you have in stock PC-775 PC motherboard, it is possible to upgrade the processor to Intel Xeon E5450 frequency 3GHz (775 socket is the one that was put outdated Core2Duo percent). Though he is initially not suitable, but there is a «loophole», which is told in the review.

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Xeon 5650

I would recommend you take this build with 16GB of RAM. The motherboard 1366 is cheaper, and in 2011 — more expensive. The full amount in January 2019 will be about $ 185-200.

Drawback is the impossibility to use more memory in the future, as it has only two slots and 8GB max for each.


The best option! Here’s a link to it.

It has 6-nuclear Xeon 2640% on 12 threads with a frequency of 2.5 GHz and a L3 cache of 12 MB. The advantage is a more advanced motherboard Huanan support M2 SATA, there is already 4 slots of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz up to 64 Gigabytes (!) and 2PCI-Express slots for the video card.

The price is about $ 50 higher than the previous one and is not included usually the CPU. But he really is a very long time «in trend» and will pull even the most modern games on maximum settings.

E5 2660

The most powerful of these, you can see the price here.

Even more powerful than the previous one, and, as you understand, we want more weak to the most powerful options.

OCTA core Xeon E5 2660 with 16 threads and a frequency of 2.2 GHZ (3.0 turbo), 20 MB of L3 cache.

Huanan X79 motherboard, RAM 16 GB (4 x 4) all the same DDR3 1333 MHz. In General, support up to 64 GB. All the same four slots, 2 for the card and M2 SSD.

Price will be around 280-300$ and this is the maximum possible machine that they can’t pull even a few years ahead! Agree, much cheaper than the last i7 games of the eighth generation?

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More expensive take has no meaning.

Video card

Here it is, the heart of a gaming computer is «None». For all the above assemblies recommend taking GTX 1050Ti or, in extreme cases, GTX 750Ti, but not below.

The case, SSD and so on…

The body is better to take in the local computer shop, for with Aliexpress the shipping cost will be very expensive.

Recommend KingDian SSD, gaming mouse Razer , and headset with a great microphone Kotion G2000.

The PSU is also better to get locally. Bluetoth and Wi-Fi out of necessity, remember: there is built-in to the motherboard, it’s not a laptop.


For 2019, and probably in 2020 will be better options if you want a good gaming PC, but you need to find the lowest price. The best option is the build server XEON processor and socket referred to above.

Where to buy

Again, all these kits and many others are available on this page in Ali from a trusted seller. He has been working for 7(!) years, has thousands of feedback, plus in the most democratic.