Cheap console K3 DVB-T2 for digital TV

From 2019 all Russia passes to digital television, which means you need to buy a STB type DVB-T2 for those who have not a super-modern TV and it does not support this format.

How to know whether your TV is digital? It’s simple: if you bought it a long time, it does not support)))

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Where to buy and about K6

I bought the K3 tuner on Aliexpress here. If the link doesn’t work, just type in the search box query «K3 DVB T2». By the way, now came a new model K6, but it is more expensive.

This I took about 900 rubles, and K6 is about 2 thousand, although nothing can boast in relation to this.

Included is HDMI cable and power supply. The remote batteries were not.


You can see the great catches digital TV, the standard free 20 Federal channels. You can even watch movies from a flash drive and supporting the H264 codec, which is used, for example, on the same YouTube and social.networks.

The remote is standard, nothing new or special about it, and the entire device as a whole.

Given the cost, free shipping from China, and the full transition of the Russian Federation on the figure to the 2019 very recommended, no complaints! Here you can read more about a similar, but more well-known brand Supra SDT.

Again, ordered on Aliexpress on this page.


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