Cheap but powerful gaming PC on XEON processor

Today there is no need during Assembly of the computer games to buy expensive specially designed processors in the nearest store. We will build a powerful gaming PC on the percent of Xeon processors with Aliexpress.

The contents

  1. Where the stone Zeon?
  2. Motherboard
  3. Processor
  4. SSD
  5. RAM
  6. Video card and power supply
  7. Conclusion

Where the stone Zeon?

The fact that modern servers for large data centers used by processors such power that for a home that is just outrageous. However, when they work to their servers and change them, China result they are in such numbers that they throw at rather low prices the sellers on Aliexpress.

Funny, yet excellent reliability. For XEON uses the latest technology making. Marriage, of course, some are, but if the percent defective, it turns out in the first months of work on servers (and usually even in the early days), as they are all working in heavy loaded condition 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Well, if he plowed «from start to finish» required him a year or two, then in the home of a powerful gaming PC he is 10 years ahead as the resort to relax.

On the Western forums for a long time is some «hysteria» about build awesome computers for gaming, pulling the latest releases from the most powerful releases at the same price 2-3 times lower than similar store-bought Intel and AMD.

Even some they have there competitions such as: who will collect the lowest price most powerful machine. On while someone is building their small business to this in his Sound-Paulo or Mexico city.

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The motherboard is better to take the firm line of ASUS LGA1156. They do a lot on Aliexpress at good prices here. Or is there a second option would be cheaper…

Seeing such a stir, the Chinese firm Huanan almost nothing unknown to us, but well known in China developed and began to produce their series of boards, as I discuss in my other article about Huanan.

And here we are…


Here it is — the heart of our gaming computer! It’s from the XEON X3460 and above. You can choose here on this page. As you can see, the selection is huge and prices for every budget almost$10.

If you followed the link above, there’s a menu on the left choose the frequency. This is just a sample model, other settings the search is already done.

I usually choose from the line X3460. They are perfectly bulatsa (accelerate), and then the car just flies into a rage gamer in its capabilities! 😜👌🤣

Actually, the server Xeon so good that they are obliged from birth to withstand the tremendous overload when you first need any for a long time, because «dropping a server» is often a very serious problem.


We also need to be a permanent memory of type M2 SSD. In General, for gaming without the M2, just the SSD, then see on their financial capabilities.

The same applies to the amount of internal memory. «The more — the better» — it’s the recipe, the only question is price. But at least 120 Gigabytes. You can take popular Samsung and Toshiba — it’s all there for Ali and they are really original.

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But to save money I usually for a regular gaming PC take your customer KingDian or KingSpec — they are well-proven. Still, Netac good. In General, here is a link to all kinds of SSD of different firms. There you can select the individual brands.


RAM is also better to borrow directly in China. We perfect DDR3. The rule as with a hard disk: the more the better.

Recommend to order in lots where they are sold at several at once, complete. So it will be cheaper for each individual bar. Work well with Xeon strap Atermiter or KingSpec. And again the link.

Video card and power supply

But with graphics cards for PC gaming problem. Just their servers at all. Will have to take of the standard for the average home.

The same applies to power supplies. Here is the link. The choice of power supply depends on the graphics card. When you select none, just look power the PSU needed for it, and take no less power.


That’s all I wanted to tell you about build a gaming PC and server processor XEON. I hope the information was useful for You, and if you have any questions, write below in the comments and I will try to answer all.