Cheap, but cool smartphone LEAGOO M9

Smartphone LEAGOO M9 got me interested in their appearance and very little cost. Comparing the features and prices in the store and on the website literally vary, as different brands and this company has not yet received a sufficient number of fans and not racearena.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. Appearance and quality
  3. The filling and power
  4. Conclusion
  5. Video

Where to buy

Based on the needs: wide screen, good camera and a normal memory of the smartphone. LEGO M9 bought on Aliexpress here.

Appearance and quality

In my opinion the model of M9 a decent screen, not a shovel like the previous version of 5.7 inches. Since the screen is 5.5 inches, in his hand is good and you can see all the details.

For fans of watching videos on the Internet is one great in my opinion feature is the opening window for the full width of the screen. In my opinion this is a very cool product and any smartphone can.

Also there is a small disadvantage due to the rounded corners, small parts are not visible, but further all this time is not evident.

As for the screen is the ability to open two Windows at once. For some it is an indulgence, but for me it’s just an amazing thing. You can reply to the message and not distract from the viewing.

The filling and power

If a little to say about the processor LEAGOO M9 it cheap and you need to consider that it would not pull any heavy programs.

If you are interested in simple apps and some simple games, then the phone will not overheat, but this needs to be more closely.

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Due to the above-described processor, and the pictures are not direct fire, but it is not the worst quality. If you need something to photograph then choose good lighting and do it the best way.

Recently gaining popularity the finger scanner, and in this model, LEAGOO M9 not only that, he is present, so it still works fine. Prolonged use is not heated to the space temperature, which is important.


If to describe briefly the smartphone, for your 5 thousand (rounded) it’s insanely cool, because anywhere except the website just to find a bargain. I ordered the link on Aliexpress.

Was he not very long, only 3 weeks including ordering, so it was worth it. Smart reliable phone. Can also recommend wireless headphones TWS i12 — complete analogs of this model from Apple.