Cheap action camera SPORT HD DV 1080p H. 264 FULL HD — overview

Long ago, I watched the action cameras to be mounted on a Bicycle helmet to take with me under water, and generally take with you everywhere.

But to pay several hundred dollars for a GoPro, Sony or a little less than other popular brands I did not like, so I chose the much cheaper option. Action camera SPORT HD DV 1080p H. 264 FULL HD sleek and stylish device.

Bought for $ 43.89$ on Aliexpress here, the product came in three and a half weeks in Naberezhnye Chelny regular mail in excellent condition.

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Buttons, LEDs, the screen is easily accessible. The camera has a huge number of mounts, very good quality. The model has a spare cover. All mounts are universal, so to fix it in any comfortable position simply and conveniently.

A cloth for wiping the lens. The manual is written in many languages, including Russian.

The contents

  1. On the bike and graphics
  2. Mount
  3. Review and opinion
  4. Video

On the bike and graphics

The graphics in the package

On the wheel you are installing the camera using the adapter. The mount on the steering wheel rubberized, so it won’t slide. Unfortunately, when the shake and the image will smear. If you want to use it on the bike, it is better to apply the graphics.

The graphics are of decent quality. To put it very comfortable, insert the camera and shut the lever. Camera works perfectly under water, nothing takes place. The graphics screen can be seen quite clearly. It is worth noting the taut buttons. For lifting the box with one finger to move the slider, and the second hook retainer.

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To remove the camera, you must flip the model and shake gently. If you wish to use the graphics, worn plastic case.


A variety of mounting make it possible to use the camera as your heart desires. Everything is attached using nuts and screws. There is a platform that holds the camera on different surfaces. To do this, use double-sided 3M tape or rope.

With teeth the rope is fastened in the desired position. One of the most desired mounts, it’s a clothespin, but the downside is that the screen can not be seen. But the camera can be mounted on any part of clothing, including the belt. Clothespin firmly hold the device, it is possible to move confidently. To mount on motorcycle or Bicycle helmet. By the way, if you ride on two wheels (or four for a Quad), I can recommend a very good motorcycle glasses.

Review and opinion

The camera itself is really good. There is a micro USB, micro HDMI, micro SD card — triple the micro is trend. Perfectly in the hand, the surface is Soft-touch. In the presence of a speaker, you can play videos with sound. Turns on three seconds, press Power. With the inclusion of run modes: video recording, photographing, and viewing mappings and settings.

Flipping images and videos, you can use the side up and down buttons play button OK. The camera interface is in Russian language. Moreover, the device can be used as a DVR, enabling car mode.

Video resolution Full HD 1920×1080 matrix of 12 megapixels. And what really pleases, the camera has Zoom.

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It is worth noting the picture when recording movies clear enough, including when driving, both on land and in water. The unit is fully corresponds to its price category.

And if it is to invest in a stabilizer for shooting videos, you can get the device is not worse than the GoPro.

The main advantage of sports cameras is its versatility. Due to the presence of the set of mounting accessories this unit, it is possible to fix anywhere and everywhere. Therefore, the action camera is impeccable film-making device for fans of intense relaxation and extreme.

Camera and the price for it on Aliexpress today >>


Create a YouTube channel to upload a video I have and did not work, so posted the video, shot by someone else. He speaks English, but there and so all is clear. Besides, shoots under water, and many other places. Take a look: