Charging — Baseus PowerBank 10000 mah

Powerbank’ve heard from my colleagues, but we never managed to buy it. Yes, and I kept saying to myself «if not still, then I don’t need it!». But, as stated in the folk wisdom, «while Peter does not bite, move, we do not start». Although in our Department, this device has got everything.

And here unexpectedly drew a business trip to South Korea, Seoul. Bags are Packed, phone charged, accompanied me to the airport and everything is simple.

Flight delayed, Sonny asks to see the cartoon that I included with my phone, forgetting the fact that fly me 33 hours with 2_мя transfers and charging, I put in your hand Luggage.

As a result, on arrival I was unable to contact the representative of our company, which I was late to the airport: phone ran out of charge in the suitcase that got lost and flew off on another flight. To say I was devastated is to say nothing.

Saw the young man something like a battery, which was a Powerbank, thanks to the knowledge of English I was able to negotiate with him and I was able to explain to colleagues where I and my family, that I was okay, which, by the way, have already started to panic.

The contents

  1. Where to buy
  2. The device is in operation
  3. Conclusion

Where to buy

Getting to the hotel and a little rest after the flight, I started buying the Powerbank. Read a lot of information about different manufacturers. I naively thought that any smart, you can use any Powerbank. I have to say, I was opposed to shopping in China, naively believing that all there is short — lived. I confess, I was wrong.

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As a result of searching found a great Powerbank with LCD display at an affordable price TM Baseus 10000mAh Power Bank on Aliexpress at the official seller of the brand here on this page.

Nuances when buying:

  • From AliExpress I bought for the first time, was sorted out quickly with the order form. There were two color choices, chose the black, to me it seemed more stylish, and the phone I have is black!
  • I was worried that sent.
  • Delivery was made in Ukraine through a free delivery company Seller’s Shipping Method. A nice bonus from the seller was the discount at check-in and coupon during the purchase. Thus, Poverbank cost 15.99 from. E. cost me 13.99 from. E.

The purchase took time-15 minutes paid card. The only thing I said, if we were to lose the goods on the road as I have confirmed that there will be a refund within 60 days.

Satisfied and happy that now I will always, engaged in the business. Got an email, saw that the parcel will arrive to Ukraine within 35-50 days.

After returning from Korea, forgot about Powerbank if not free on arrival. Thus, the parcel arrived in 23 days in Kiev!

The device is in operation

The guys from the Department has advised that in order to protect themselves in case of failure and return, it is necessary for the camera to unbox the Powerbank. I’m a beginner, so the programmer did it for me.

So, paperwork done, and you can consider buying.

Have a manual for black Baseus device, similar to my smart, very stylish: reflenye the surface, screen with red numbers that shows the charging level and the remaining % to the end. Very compact: 135*67*15 mm and weighs just 230 grams.

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A huge plus believe that there are two usb inputs, that is, you can simultaneously charge two phones. Very convenient in the morning to drink a Cup of latte, read the news and not to worry that the phone disconnect at the wrong time.

Powerbank Baseus connected to smart, put in your purse and taking the child in the garden, then to work. The whole process takes approx 1,40 minutes, during this time, the phone is charging.

If the phone is not talking to, charge the Powerbank with a capacity of 10000 mAh can last up to 3 times. If you read the news, ship workers to the docks, then 2 times.

In any case, I am satisfied and do not understand why did not pay attention to this powerbank Bases!


All your family have acquired Baseus Powerbank 10000 mAH. I just want to try 3_мя Powerbank with usb inputs and on 20000 mAh, but still catch Ali on the action. Did not expect that in China, you can buy decent stuff at a good price.

About Baseus Powerbank, I believe that without it in any way. After all, it is not always possible to charge the phone, and force majeure has not been canceled, so having a Powerbank, I always connected! Importantly, during charge!

By the way, charging the power Bank for 1.5 hours normal charge time from the phone in a slim connector. Tried the car charger, I have failed. Again, bought on Aliexpress here.