Charger Liitokala Lii 402

Long sought a functional charger for batteries in the range of ~$10, instead of the old indicator-free station. In this model, liked the price and the number of positive reviews.

The parcel from China came in 12 days to Moscow. If you order on Aliexpress, I advise you to buy from the official representative on this trading platform, here is a link to his shop in Ali. Thanks to the cashback EPN and another 7% back returned to the account.

The contents

  1. Dignity and instruction.
  2. Disadvantages
  3. Summary and where to buy
  4. Videotutorial

Dignity and instruction.

The most important advantage is the ability to work from MicroUSB — that is, the batteries can be recharged almost anywhere there is a standard usb socket. For me this is critical, as you need to constantly recharge the radio during trips, and to carry car power inverter 220V, and a separate charge is not desirable.

Having a separate USB-A outputs (max. current 1000mA) that allows you to charge from the station in addition to batteries, various gadgets (the same poverbank, for example).

Unlike cheaper variants, it is possible to charge one item at a time, not pairs. Due to the design, it can be as standard AA/AAA, and all sorts of laptop batteries (18650, etc.).

The presence of led indication of the charging progress (scale in increments of 25%) and automatic determination of the type of the inserted element (recognizes as Ni-MH/Cd and Li-ion batteries).

A thin body and solid build — no squeaks and crunches.


Despite the declared power consumption 5V/2A, station refused to work with some of the 2A chargers from a smartphone (especially with all quickcharge).

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Somehow of the 4 cells, one was broken, though it is not critical, considering the price of the product and analogues (the more you can charge by the piece), but still, unpleasant.

There is a limit on the simultaneous number of chargeable items and their type/capacity should not exceed a total of 2100 mA.

That is, at a time you can charge just 1 battery capacity 2000mA / 2 at 1000mA / 700mA 3 at / 4 at 500mA.

Not always correctly defines the capacity of the inserted battery (typically underestimates). Fortunately, holding down the MODE button, you can manually set the required capacity (500 to 2000).

Summary and where to buy

To sum up, despite its shortcomings, the charging station is fully copes with its task, especially for the price. Again: better to buy the official here, there just will receive the original manufacturer warranty, other sellers on Aliexpress, only sell.