Charger Liitokala Lii 202

I bought a battery charger Liitokala Lii 202 for$ 8 on ali. In the city of Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo oblast was 21 days from order processing 5 days. Came in a little dented box, complete with charger cord and instruction manual.

Qualitatively Packed, everything was in bags and the box is air in the packaging film. On the body there is a sticker on which is written that this product is the original and the qr code on it.

The contents

  1. Appearance
  2. Types of batteries
  3. Manual
  4. My review


The case is a black plastic, the quality of which I have no problem: the seams are smooth, no smell, pleasant to the touch.

Ports sit tight, carved exactly in place for them, not staggered. Button, contact element, and relays do not cause problems: the button is pressed clear and springy, the relay goes smoothly and without grinding, and contacts not play.

The labeling on the case is made qualitatively, for a couple of weeks of use has not faded at all. The bulb lit. The wire is as good as the charger itself: no smell, nothing wobbles, length 53 cm.

Manual black-and-white, written in both Chinese and English. Box is bright in black and yellow colors with pictures and fairly dense. At the end of the Assembly, I was pleased: everything was done very efficiently.

Types of batteries

Itself charging Liitokala Lii 202 11 inches in length, 5.7 in width, and 2.8 in height, at the highest point. Designed for charging two batteries simultaneously. It is probably the only difference from the Junior model li 101, which is designed for simultaneous charging of 1 battery.

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The charging slots is marked, indicate + and -. LitoKala li 202 supports charging many types of batteries due to the movable relay from the side. Among them is a 3.7 V Li-ion 26650,22650, 26500, 18650, 18940, 17670, 17500, 17355, 16340, 14500, 10440, as well as Li-ion 3.85 V, life and NiMH.

When you connect the charger determines the type of battery except for Li-ion. The voltage of this type must choose for yourself, but initially selects the more popular 3.7 V. another important clarification: to simultaneously charge only 1 battery type.


Choose the type of rechargeable battery Liitokala Lii 202 immediately after plugging in: on the top panel will light up rectangle, in front of which will be marked with the type of battery: for the left slot is to the right of the led, to the left on the left.

A single press of the home button will switch the type of rechargeable battery. After selecting, wait no clicking. Then start the charging process. During charging you can change the current, which will charge the battery.

The currently selected current will be burning on top of the rectangle. To change it you should hold down the MODE button and wait until one goes out and lights up the second led. The selected current will charge both slots.

The charger is designed for «set and forget», so it is protected from overcharging, short circuit and entanglement of poles.

Another cool feature of this charging is that it can be used as poverbank: it is enough to disconnect it from the mains and plug in, say, the phone. I myself use it every day and incredibly happy: it’s a really cool feature, you can «charge» poverbank simply changing the batteries.

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My review

In the end, the charger Liitokala Lii 202 for$ 8 is a real must — have for simple the user: safe and easy to use, cheap, suitable poverbank. The seller delivered it quickly and efficiently. I recommend to everyone!

Bought on Aliexpress here on this page.