Chanseon laboratory microscope 100x — 1200x

Ordered on Aliexpress microscope Kit led Chanseon lab 100x-1200x gift seven year old son. I have to say: great toy for the inquisitive child, but… it is a toy. Bought on Ali here.

The contents

  1. What can be seen
  2. Backlight
  3. Equipment
  4. Quality and opinion
  5. Where to buy

What can be seen

The device has 3 magnification: 100x, 400x and 1200x, but the first two are absolutely useless. Consider that, except on the 1200x.

We successfully saw cells flakes onions, indoor plants, finished product and even my mother’s hair. Slices from the leaves of plants must be done very thin, otherwise the cells to consider will not succeed. «Microbes» who longed to see the child, the microscope is also not visible.


In the microscope Chanseon has a backlight. It is activated by the lever. Powered by two AA batteries, which, incidentally, is not included.

The batteries are inserted into the base of the device.


In the product description it was stated that the set consists of two plastic jars and a small box for drugs, which we immediately lost, tweezers, four subject glass, single finished product — a synthetic fiber, sealed in plastic, and, in fact, the microscope.

Our Chanseon reason was stocked with one jar instead of two. Everything else was in one piece.

Quality and opinion

Of the benefits: laboratory microscope Chanseon very easy, all the screws rotate smoothly without problems rises/lowers the backlight, screw and eyepiece lenses. The angle of the tripod can also be adjusted.

All parts of the instrument and all accessories in the set is plastic, nothing fragile was not detected.

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Cons: clip on the object table is rotated only one, so add/remove the slide — puzzles for clever and persistent. In addition, the device in the picture was in a beautiful box, and ours came without it — in a simple Styrofoam container, rolled up in foil.

Where to buy

Our microscope cost 8.27$ on Aliexpress here, delivered regular mail. To Voronezh parcel arrived in five weeks. But the joy of children covered all the expenses and time costs.