Chandelier Xiaomi YeeLight 650

I ordered this chandelier, Xiaomi (or more correctly — «Saami») from China store GearBest here. I recommend to take it on Giresta, not on Aliexpress, there we are guaranteed to receive the original product.

The name Xiaomi YeeLight 650 the last three-digit number indicates the diameter of 65 centimeters. Pretty large size.

Sending me went to Moscow for two weeks and in the mail gave a rather large «peredacha from China» as they are called .

Packaging is good, but the chandelier still needs to dosobirat. To make it easier, I did and without any instructions in a few minutes.

Complete guide strips, anchoring screws and Bluetoth remote control.

The contents

  1. Mounting and installation
  2. Opinion
  3. Pros
  4. Cons
  5. Summary
  6. Video

Mounting and installation

On the ceiling or wall, you must first attach the mounting-plate from the chandelier which clings to everything and the power cord 220 Volts. Which is very convenient, because if you change a few years will not be necessary to twist the wires, this «dish» standard.

To connect wire network does not even need a screwdriver, there are terminals on the buttons. Civilized…

On top of all the glass covered with a protective film similar to film on smartphones. It needs to be removed.



  • The stylish minimalist design just like the Xiaomi;
  • Sync with smart home Mi Home, if there is a head unit or independent work without;
  • You can control not only remote, but also from your smartphone;
  • Many different beautiful modes of operation;
  • Brightness and color balance: from the cold office to warm your home, like old incandescent bulbs;
  • Well and for any special areas like cafeterias, restaurants, and storefronts can be useful colors: red, blue, orange, green etc;
  • Of course, through the application or management of «smart house» you can set time intervals on / off timer, delays and much like.
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  • Perhaps the only drawback is the price.

Really cons it is impossible to find, except for cost, but for a quality product with lots of features always have to pay the part, it is the law of the world and life))


In General, you choose. Chandelier Xiaomi YeeLight 650 is very good in all respects, but not many can buy a device at the ceiling in the apartment for the money, even very smart.

I think, in Russia and the CIS it finds application in private rooms of restaurants and cafes, as well as in expensive hotels. And, as already mentioned, it is good to use for the lighting of shop Windows.

Again, taken in China on Aliexpress, and in GearBest here. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles with the intelligence and cunning of the house, I can advise to pay attention to the chandelier Okuda. And make yourself a beautiful shimmering waterfall on the balcony, window, showcase or the wall by using special led lights WATERFALL.

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